Oriboard Is the Cutting Board That Turns into a Colander


If you liked the geometric cutlery last year, you’re probably going to love the Oriboard. This design by Zunik combines the functions of several kitchen aids in one neat new product. This product is a great asset not only to save space in your kitchen but also has the potential to improve your cooking workflow a lot.

Zunik was founded in 2017 by Yannick Hesch, who has more than 15 years of experience as a designer of furniture and products to make your life easier. The Oriboard is their first product, and they are going through Kickstarter to crowdfund their idea.

What makes the Oriboard useful?

The Oriboard had gotten its name, of course, from the Japanese art of folding; Origami. The board allows you to use a different kind of function only by folding the board in a particular way. Beyond that, there are also some other useful features that the Oriboard helps you with.

With the Oriboard you can…

  • Use it as cutting board, chop chop
  • Use it as colander, rinse and drain
  • Grate a rasp of lemon or a piece of cheese
  • Open bottles, cheers! 🙂

When you’re done with your cooking, you can clean it easily by hand or wash it safely in the dishwasher. When it’s clean and dried up, you can store it in its board mode all flat or use the hanger hole to put it up on a hook or pot rack.

Oriboard Advanced - Cutting Board

How to get one?

If you support them on their Kickstarter project page, you can get an Oriboard starting at €16 ($19) as an early bird. The planned retail price for one board is €32 ($38), and they aim to ship the first items in February 2018. Grab one soon to get them for a discount and cook with style.

What do you think about the Oriboard? Worth the coin? We’d love to hear your thoughts about it. Drop us a comment below!

YouTube: Multi-Functional Cutting Board (Oriboard)

Photo credit: Yannick Marcel Hesch (Zunik)

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