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On-The-Go Nail Art with O’2NAILS Portable Nail Printer M1

Having beautiful nails is one of the things that women pride themselves in. Personally, I treat myself once or twice a month and go to a nail salon to have my nails done. Unfortunately, I’ve had my fair share of waiting in line for it, and that’s just for a simple manicure.

Aside from that, women are looking into sprucing things up more with nail art. Not only does nail art cost a bit more, it also takes up more time because it involves more colors and technique. That means I’ll have to wait more until I get my turn, which is a no go for me. Thankfully, having nail art can now be easy without spending time and money in the salon with O’2NAILS Portable Nail Printer M1.

Nails done anytime, anywhere

Taiji Electronics Co., Ltd in Guangzhou, China has focused on developing and improving the O’2NAILS printer since 2003. They’ve created bulky but portable nail printers and have condensed this technology into the Portable Nail Printer M1. The M1 is a slick and handy device that you can take anywhere you go. This innovative gadget allows you to choose any design that you want to appear on your nails and prints the design in just 25 seconds.

The M1 includes nail polishes (3 color gels, base gel, nail mask, no wipe top gel, and print gel), gel remover pads, nail cleansing pads, nail guards, an ink cartridge, a jet cleanser, an LED gel light, and a nail kit. To start using the device, you just need to install the ink cartridge by opening the front cover of the device, plug it to a power source via USB, and you’re ready.

To choose a design, you’ll need to download the app which is available on Android and iOS. The app will allow you to customize any design you want to print on your nails; all you have to do is follow the tutorial. It also has a wide range of designs to choose from and it is updated every week with the latest design trend. After connecting the M1 and your device through WiFi, it’s all a matter of printing out your nail art.

The O’2NAILS Portable Nail Printer M1 comes in 6 colors: mint green, violet, orange, pink, chocolate, and white. The price starts at $690 which might be a lot. Then again, you get everything in the package plus skip waiting in line. The company also offers free maintenance of the product. If you’re interested in getting one, you can contact them directly using the information on their website.

YouTube: Mobile Nail Printer M1

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