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Olive Union Introduces 2-in-1 FDA-Approved Earbuds as Hearing Aids

Many people have hearing issues, but not all of them need a hearing aid. Still, it’s great to have a helping device that will be something between a hearing aid and earphones. Such devices have started to appear on the market and are known as “hearables.”

One of the companies specializing in hearing aids is Olive Union, a startup founded in 2016 that aims to deliver well-designed, functional, and affordable hearing aid wearables. The company has recently announced its latest product called Olive Pro, a device that combines hearing aids with wireless earbuds.

Hearing aid and wireless earbud in one device

Olive Pro is a 2-in-1 device that looks like regular wireless earbuds equipped with AI to isolate unwanted noises. Thanks to AI technology, this product can enhance music, conversations, and TV sounds according to the user’s specific hearing profile.

Olive Pro

What makes the Olive Pro special is that it is also a hearing aid classified by the FDA as a Class II medical device. Surprisingly, this device costs less and doesn’t require a visit to the audiologist. The company described this earphone and hearing aid in one as the long-awaited next-generation “affordable hearing” for all solution.

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Founder and CEO Owen Song shared that everyone finds a different solution to their hearing issue. Still, today’s hearing aids industry has gone too far and placed unnecessary “business-driven roadblocks.” He expressed that the company wants to provide a modern and innovative device that acts as both a hearing aid and wireless earphones that can help improve people’s hearing. For that reason, Olive Pro was built for the millions of people worldwide who suffer from some level of hearing loss.

Features available

According to Olive Union, only 20% of people with hearing loss seek help to solve the problem. The purpose of Olive Pro is to provide people with healthy hearing from the comfort of their homes. Unlike a hearing aid, Olive Pro just takes five minutes to adjust to a person’s personalized hearing profile, which can be adjusted from the Olive Union app for Android or iOS. This means that you don’t need to visit an audiologist and spend more money.

Olive Pro

The AI technology in the device allows it to customize to your sound profile and automatically cancel background noises. Olive Pro is made with HD speakers and two-way balanced armature drivers, which allow it to distinguish and amplify voices. No matter if you’re inside or outside, these hearing aid wearable devices will adapt to the environment using onboard mics to capture and isolate unnecessary noises. What’s more, this device has more than 18 hours of battery life so that users can take advantage of it for literally all day.

The Olive Pro is available and can be pre-ordered at a discount price of $149 at Indiegogo, which is a great price because the planned retail price is $299. Should you order your Olive Pro device today, you can expect it to arrive in the first quarter of 2021.

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