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GN Hearing Launches Resound Assist Live, Enables At-Home Testing

GN Hearing, one of the most popular companies for developing hearing aid technologies, has recently launched new in-ear tech for providing at-home hearing tests. This product enables hearing care professionals to fully offer their services remotely. This will simplify their work and enable people with hearing loss to get their hearing tested from their homes.

An extension to ReSound Assist

The current pandemic has forced everyone to stay at home, especially the elderly folk. Therefore, this solution should help them to connect with their hearing care professionals for assistance from the comfort of their homes.


Hearing care professionals can send a trial set of hearing aids to a patient’s home with the help of this new technology. This will lead to immediate fitting and tuning of the new hearing aids, ensuring the best sound.

The new in-ear technology is possible through the real-time video-enable hearing care service, ReSound Assist Live. This also acts as ReSound Assist service’s extension. With this in place, hearing assessments are conducted online. The ReSound Smart 3D app makes it accessible via video call.

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The main ReSound Assist service lets people receive adjustments to their hearing aids from a distance, but ReSound Assist Live does even more. This technology enables people to speak directly to their hearing care professional through a live link. This means that now, people will be able to get instant and the highest level of care at an agreed time and place.

Seeking care without restraint

Gitte Aabo, CEO and President of GN Hearing, announced that the company recognizes that the current COVID-19 situation makes it harder for hearing care professionals. However, people should not stop seeking care during the current situation. Aabo added that they will continue to support hearing care professionals and patients with continued services.


ReSound Assist Live is a tool that will deliver individualized customer experiences. The current COVID-19 situation demands that healthcare goes online and offers remote access. Allowing people to stay at their homes and still receive the best possible care makes the whole process easier for both professionals and patients.

ReSound Assist Live is already available to people with hearing loss. It launched on April 23 in the United States, Australia, New Zealand, Singapore, Malaysia, the United Kingdom, and the Netherlands. Now, it is available globally and accessible to everyone.

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Source: GN Hearing press release

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