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Hochu-Rayu Introduces Helmfon for Isolating Noise

A lot of people find it hard to concentrate, especially working in a noisy environment. Sometimes, looking for a private place is necessary just to attend a virtual conference.

Several companies have provided solutions to provide a quieter workspace that unfortunately takes a person out of their desks. However, Hochu-rayu decided to bring the solution into a person’s space. They developed Helmfon, a helmet that completely isolates noise, making it perfect to work in open spaces without risking your productivity.

Under the helmet

The Helmfon looks like an oversized baseball helmet that covers most of your head and rests on your shoulders. Despite its size, the helmet is surprisingly lightweight. It is made out of fiberglass with nitro paint on the outside, and a membrane cloth with foamed polyethylene on the inside.

While the rather comical size is something to get used to, it is also necessary for it to do its job. The helmet’s design helps isolate the noise around you, utilizing its sound-absorbing features. It also helps reduce your visual field to keep you focused on your work. Aside from that, you get a sense of personal space and privacy with it when you’re editing photos and videos.

The helmet doesn’t just shield you from unwanted noise. It has a motherboard, microphone, speakers, accumulator, a magnifying glass and a special place for your smartphone. This will help you stay connected even in isolation especially for Skype meetings, calls, or just for watching movies. You can also add personal functions to fit your needs.

The Helmfon comes in bold colors, but you can opt to customize it as well. After all, the helmet is unusually big as it is; you might as well make it look fun and personalized while you’re at it. While it does seem like an interesting idea, there’s still no release date or price tag for it.

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