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Oledcomm Unveils Chip That Enables Devices to Transmit Data with Light

With MyLiFi launched in 2018, Oledcomm has created a niche space in the world of Light Fidelity + WiFi or LiFi technology. For the uninitiated, LiFi technology taps into the infrared spectrum of light to establish internet connectivity. This micro-chip does that and can turn any light source around you into a WiFi-like station. This time, Oledcomm demonstrated their latest Gigabit Optical Front End (OFE) LiFi micro-chip during the recent MWC virtual event. New technology like that might come in handy in case the semiconductor shortage continues to be a problem for the manufacturer’s supply chains.

Oledcomm LifI Chip Size Comparison Coin
Image: Oledcomm

The Gigabit OFE is a chip that can easily be embedded into mobile devices. This first-of-its-kind micro-chip can turn the signals coming from a light source into data that can be used to connect to the internet. The Gigabit OFE is designed to allow the manufacturers of mobile devices such as smartphones, tablets, and laptops to seamlessly integrate the circuit into the devices. Don’t let its small size fool you. Despite it being smaller than a cent, it can deliver a speed of one gigabit per second.

Oledcomm LifI Chip Closeup Photo
Image: Oledcomm

Gigabit light fidelity technology

Light-based wireless connectivity or LiFi is “fast, secure and healthy wireless connectivity”, allowing devices to connect through light. LiFi-enabled devices or chips can modulate the electrical current signals at extremely high speeds. The modulated data is converted back into electrical current by devices such as light-emitting diodes such as LEDs. The current carries data that helps connect to the internet. Coupled with LEDs, or VCSELs, a speed of 1Gb at a distance within five meters is highly achievable.

BIS Research - LiFi Technology Use Case
Image: BIS Research / Oledcomm

In 2019, Oledcomm launched MyLiFi’s successor the LiFiMAX at the CES in 2019. A year later, LiFiMAXEducation was the company’s first initiative in building a LiFi-enabled classroom in a high school in France. CEO of Oledcomm, Benjamin Azoulay shares that “With the Gigabit OFE, we allow mobile device manufacturers to integrate seamlessly the LiFi connectivity into their product.”


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