Ride in Style with the OjO Electric Scooter


It goes without saying that electric vehicles (EV) are on the rise, even though not many people have already bought into that lifestyle. It might be too much of an investment to buy a new Tesla or an EV from a more traditional automotive brand for some but giving the technology a chance on a smaller scale, like an electric scooter, might be a possibility. We have now stumbled over OjO the electric commuter scooter, and it looks very promising.

Buying a whole scooter on Amazon

We found the OjO electric scooter on Amazon’s Launchpad, which is their showcase for unique startup products. I always thought that at some point you could buy a whole car on Amazon, but electric scooters just had to come before cars. They used to sell books, later added all kinds of items, merchants, home appliances and now you can buy a boxed electric scooter. How cool is that?


Of course there are heaps of electric scooters out there. Some are more affordable with fewer features, others cost a lot for killer features, but I found that OjO delivers a good mix of useful features without costing you a fortune. You can buy an OjO scooter for $1,999.99 (no shipping charges), and with its 500 Watts engine, it can take you up to 25 miles (40.2 km) on a single charge with a top speed of 20 MPH (32.2 kph). It weighs only 65 lbs, but it has a 300 lbs weight capacity.

Facts and separate accessories

The battery has a capacity of 48 VDC and can be charged within 8 hours if the battery is fully depleted. It’s removable and can be swapped with a full battery if you happen to buy one separately for $499.99. The scooter has a retractable onboard charging plug that fits any standard power outlet. If you’re riding the scooter to work but want to charge the battery, even though there is no public power outlet for EVs outside, you can buy an optional battery charger for $89.99.


What else is available as an optional accessory for the OjO scooter? If you’re buying groceries or doing something else that requires you to carry a load, you can get a cargo basket for $69.99. For the case that your local law requires you to have mirrors or if you just prefer them, you can buy a mirror set for $24.99, and in case a tire is ever damaged, the replacement costs $29.99 per tire.

Ojo Electric Scooter City Art DesignBluetooth speakers, touchscreen dashboard, and more

Okay, that’s a couple of accessories that you can buy on top if you want them but what are the actual features of the OjO scooter and how does it enhance your commute experience? On their official website, OjO states that you do not require a license to ride the scooter and that it’s bike-lane friendly. Whether or not that also applies to your local laws, should be checked before making the purchase decision.
The scooter has a digital glare-free touchscreen dashboard that lets you control speed, music, LED lighting or check trip data. The scooter has two Bluetooth-enabled waterproof speakers that play music or anything else you put on your smartphone. You can unlock the scooter with a wireless key, and it even has a USB port so you can charge your smartphone or any other USB-charged gadget.
What else is interesting? I was really intrigued by the fact that you can remove the seat and ride the scooter while you’re standing. Also, it was interesting to hear that apparently, the OjO scooter fits in the back of a Prius. I’m not sure if that is meaningful to anyone though. Perhaps if they wanted to use the scooter in a holiday location or just to understand it’s dimensions a little better.

The last things I wanted to share with you are that you can buy the scooter in 7 different styles, including the city art version above. Also, it comes with a motion-activated alarm system, and it comes with two all-weather tires, front and rear brake discs as well as full suspension. Quite packed that little ride, isn’t it? What do you think about it? Make sure to share your comments below!

YouTube: OjO Commuter Scooter by OjO Electric Commercial

Photo credit: OjO Commuter Scooter / Steven Lim (Mighty Velo Singapore)

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