"Off": A Smart Door Knob Concept Design


The “Off” device is a conceptual design from 2011 but it has great potential. It was created with a single purpose, and that is to increase the safety of your home. One of the things you will like a lot about it is the fact that not only is it created with convenience in mind, it’s actually addressing a major concern.

Lots of people are leaving the gas and stove open and sometimes this can lead to accidents. Sure, it might not be an issue if you visit your neighbor, but if you visit someone else that’s not in the vicinity you might have to deal with some major problems.

Instead of such problems, Off helps you obtain a very good result in a simple way. It’s a switch that will allow you to switch all essential services in your home on or off whenever you want. It’s very simply to use actually and the convenience that you can obtain here is nothing short of astonishing. You can obtain a very good value from using Off and the more you start using it the better it will be.

Off Concept Design Smart Door Knob

It does feature a power button so it won’t be on all the time, instead you can switch it off if you want. But it does integrate just about all the features that you might want from it. It will help you switch all light off, the house gas or it will even switch everything off with a simple option.

The latter option is very useful if you are a fan of easier house management and it does pay off quite a lot to be honest. That’s what makes the product stand out because it delivers a very good convenience without requiring a lot in return. It’s just a lot of fun to use and the outcome is very good.

Off Concept Design Smart Door Knob Instruction

This will also help you save energy costs and it’s actually allowing us to work together for having a healthier and cleaner environment. It’s certainly a one of a kind device with a clear purpose and results that will impress you all the time. I love the great attention to detail and ease of use you can obtain here, that’s what makes the product so fun and easy to use in the first place.

Since we are always on the run, it can be very easy to forget electricity or any other house function on. Off is a great device that does address this issue and honestly I know it would help me get some very good results. I firmly believe that Off can be useful for any home so whenever the device will be found on the market, I would recommend you to check it out!

This concept has been designed by Eun Ah Kim, Jinhyuk Rho and Maria Rho and won a red dot award in 2011.

Photo credit: Concept Designers as referenced
Source: Radhika Seth (Yanko Design)

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