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BMW Concept of Future Car Interior Design [Video]

Like many others, BMW attended this year’s CES event and introduced their latest innovation and ideas to the crowd. Next to exhibiting actual cars, they also prepared a sculpture, which is meant to demonstrate their vision of the future car interior design. Their focus is seemingly changing from supporting the actual driving experience, towards on-the-go entertainment and comfort. Grab a book and get cozy while your, possibly autonomous, car gets you to places.

Photo credit: BMW Group

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      • I try to get into the BMW circle for the flying car business. But I couldn’t. I am building my hover board now, which will be the launching pad for flying cars and all other stuff such as space travel vehicles that are all VTOLs. I will let you know when I make one. It cost no more than 10K for a hover board. How much BMW spent on these “concept” car? Well, if they had tough time in the future, you know why.


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