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Ocmo: Munch That Bunny to Win [Video]

The three-manned indie studio Team Ocmo hails from Finland and brings you, you guessed it, Ocmo, the mobile game. In the game, you’re a ninja-roping black blob with tentacle arms that strives to munch that yummy bunny at the end of the stage. Ocmo is a really cool platform game that requires a lot of learning and practice if you want to pass all challenges.

It has a somewhat eerie atmosphere but it’s also really fresh, beautiful and despite the NomNom massacre at the end of the stage, … it’s quite cute. I thought that especially the physics and the sound design have been done really well. It’s not easy to master but if you’re looking for a Dark-Souls-esque experience, this might be the right game for you. The game has been released globally on the Apple iTunes Store (iOS) on the 16th of November and it costs $4.99. Have fun!

YouTube: Let’s Play and Review Ocmo (Gameplay Footage) [No Commentary]

Photo credit: Team Ocmo

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