Nixplay’s Digital Photo Frames Gaining Popularity


People capture pictures on their smartphones and don’t tend to print them out. Instead, they use digital photo frames as an intuitive, efficient, and pleasing way to display pictures in the house.

According to market research from Data Bridge, Nixplay is one of the key players of the digital photo frame industry. They are the first to address the biggest demand of being able to control photos and videos without the remote control with their Smart Touchscreen Digital frame. Moreover, the company also offers various design, style, and feature options in its digital frames.

Nixplay’s Digital Photo Frame is not different from others, but due to its unique and smart features, its frames are fairly popular than its competitors ViewSonic, Sungale, and Shenzen. They also boast of having 2.5 million customers around the globe, with the number continuously increasing.


Here are some interesting features that Nixplay has with its digital photo frames.

Smart Motion Sensors

Digital frames have high power usage because of their versatile and bright displays. With Nixplay, it has a unique motion sensor that turns off the display when no motion is detected. It will automatically turn on the screen when it detects people moving, which saves a good amount of power.

Exceptional Mobile Phone App

Nixplay’s mobile app is available on both iOS and Google Play stores. The excellent app allows you to add multiple pictures and videos to your digital photo frame and share them with your family.

Family Circles, Nixplay’s proprietary app feature, allows you to share photos and video playlists to the frames. You can only upload videos of up to 1 minute. Moreover, all the pictures and videos are stored on safe and secure USA-based servers.

Crisp, bright, and vibrant display

Nixplay frames have some of the best displays. The widescreen provides crisp and color-accurate images at every viewing angle. Moreover, the smart face framing feature automatically positions the picture close to the center to provide an ideal experience.


Nixplay digital photo frames come with both a stand and wall mount, allowing you to place the frames standing vertically or horizontally, or mounted on the wall. And the frame automatically adjusts the pictures according to the frame’s placement.

The frames are designed to fit a wide range of interiors. Moreover, you can print the pictures directly from Nixplay’s app with Fujifilm printing services.

YouTube: Nixplay Smart Touchscreen Frame

Photo credit: The feature image is symbolic and has been taken by Jacob Lund.
Source: Data Bridge

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Maqsood Ahmed Shaikh
Maqsood Ahmed Shaikh
Tech Journalist
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