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Nintendo Releases "Fire Emblem Heroes" for Android and iOS

Nintendo-Logo-2000-px-large-high-quality-official-grey-gray-version-vector-300x74.png?resize=150%2C37Kyoto, Japan, February 2 — Nintendo releases their new mobile game Fire Emblem Heroes. After previously neglecting Android users with their iOS-only release Super Mario Run, for the Fire Emblem Heroes release they supply both Apple and Android fan base. The game can be downloaded and played for free but there are some optional digital purchases.

Fire Emblem is a fantasy franchise that goes back to 1990 and it has been first released on the NES and there have been about 15 games as part of the series ever since. The franchise focuses on a mix of round-based tactics with role-playing elements.

Unlike many other games of this kind, it lets you play mostly with heroes and unique characters rather than generic units. That way you can pick your favorite heroes and level them up to become stronger.



About the mobile game

Fire Emblem Heroes also leverages popular mobile game mechanics, such as collecting in-game currency and then drawing random heroes to add them to your collection. Of course you can buy the in-game currencies as well with real money but it does not translate into a pay-to-win scheme.

In this first smartphone installment of Fire Emblem, they worked to improve the game experience to match with smartphone display resolution and portrait format. They touchscreen drag’n’drop highly supports the gameplay of ordering around your units on the field. It works out well.

The story is fine but lacks the quality of the “full games” a little bit. To compensate that you are able to play with all kinds of characters from the most popular Fire Emblem games of the past. It’s great fun for some casual gaming but don’t expect a full Fire Emblem title when you download this mobile game.


You can download Fire Emblem Heroes now for free. You can use the links below. If you played the game, make sure to share your opinion with us below in the comment section. Have fun!
App Store Google Play

YouTube: Fire Emblem Heroes – Trailer

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Source: Nintendo press release

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