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Nika Chorna Uses Esper Bionics Arm [Video]

Using a cosmetic prosthesis has some advantages but they are indeed mostly only of cosmetic nature and not always help the wearer to interact better with their environment. Robotics and bionics can help to do both, help with a cosmetic aspect but also help the user with functional activity. Cyborgs are among us and that’s fantastic.

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In the video below you can watch Nika Chorna using her Esper Hand, a cutting-edge arm prosthesis that is not only cool-looking but equally useful for any kind of person who happened to have lost a limb. “Esper Hand clears everything from the first sight and makes me feel independent as I need nobody to do whatever I want”, says Nika Chorna.

YouTube: Nika uses Esper Hand (Esper Bionics)

Photo credit: The feature image is symbolic and was made available by Simon Fraser University.

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