NightWatch: The Life-Saving Armband That Detects Seizures


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Epileptic seizures are a nightmare for patients. It is a disease that can strike at any given time. There are specific conditions that trigger some forms of epilepsy, but there are those that get triggered even without warning.

NightWatch has developed a wearable armband that can detect these seizures and alert the necessary personnel. This innovative wearable medical device offers a safer and more restful night for people with epilepsy.

The device

The NightWatch consists of a wearable sensor worn on the upper arm and a base station that immediately warns remote caregivers when the sensor detects dangerous epileptic seizures during sleep. It closely monitors the wearers’ movements and heart rate during sleep to ensure that the body is under normal conditions and not facing any unexpected seize-ups or heart rate fluctuations. Technology like this can help those with epilepsy lead healthier lives and qualify for better epilepsy life insurance.

The device can connect via the internet to a device to show a patient’s motion and heart rate data. This is extremely helpful in providing insight into how the night went and helps you better understand why the NightWatch gave notifications, if any. It eliminates any uncertainty about what happened during the night. Aside from that, it provides you and your neurologist with a greater insight into the intensity and duration of your seizures.

No more terror-filled nights

When the system suspects a major epileptic seizure, the NightWatch sends an alert to the caregiver. The transmission sends a warning to the corresponding base station from the armband. This cues the caregiver to perform necessary medical operations or help the patient. Mobile telephones and other call systems can receive the alarm.

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The optimized system detects various types of seizures with a high level of precision. These include tonic seizures, tonic-clonic seizures, hypermotor seizures (HMS), and clustered myoclonic seizures. The SEIN and Kempenhaeghe epilepsy centers certified the NightWatch, finding it better than the alternative methods available. The European Union Medical Device Regulation also certified the device for the high-quality standards that it presented.

With its impressive ability to detect up to 96% of all seizures, it is no question that the NightWatch can be a lifesaver for epileptic patients. It can also provide the patient’s caregivers and families with a worry-free time.

There’s no price tag on the NightWatch yet, but they offer a free trial for one month. You can also expect to catch this during CES in January 2020.

YouTube: Nightwatch Epilepsy Detection – ENG with subs

Photo credit: The feature image has been taken by Paulaphoto.
Source: NightWatch press release

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