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Niche: This Game Let’s You Play with Genetics of Cute Critters [Video]

The young indie game startup Stray Fawn Studio, based in Zurich, Switzerland was certainly busy since they founded it back in November 2016. They have been working on a genetics survival game which they called Niche. The core of this turn-based strategy title is a mixture of science with modern game mechanics. It reminded me a bit of the old Creatures series but it’s not like that, in case you’re wondering.

You control a pack of critters and by managing their genetic evolution, you strive to keep your furry family alive for as long as possible. Here’s the Let’s Play video of Niche gameplay as we played through the campaign “Adam’s Story”. If you’re looking for an interesting learning project for your STEM class, this might be it. What do you think? Enjoy!

YouTube: Niche Game – Adam’s Story Gameplay [No Commentary]

Photo credit: Stray Fawn Studio

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