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New Samsung Flip Makes Workplace Collaboration Smarter

Every now and then, Samsung surprises us with some new technological achievement. We’ve got the Exynos IoT solutions, OMN and OMN-D storefront displays, and of course the upcoming Samsung Galaxy Note 10+ to look forward to, just to name a few. Samsung also takes care of our workplace collaboration needs, which is why it has introduced the new 2019 Samsung Flip.

This new version of the well-known collaboration and presentation product might seem to be just a digital whiteboard meant to help you plan out your operations. However, you know it’s so much more than that. Samsung summarizes the Flip in three words: pen, convenience, and design.

Pen but also a brush

The new pen has no electronic components inside and you can replace it with other objects if it’s more convenient for you, such as a pencil or even a small stick. The Samsung Flip is capable of recognizing and displaying the various thickness of these writing objects.

Samsung claims its new Flip does not only have a faster recognition speed than the previous one but is also the fastest in the entire industry. 

Convenience for collaboration

With convenience as its top priority, Samsung Flip combines the digital and the analog sphere of any space. Larger than its predecessor, the new Samsung Flip has a 65″ screen that is perfect for large conference rooms, schools, etc.

In addition to some extra features (Note-Layer, Selection Tool, Merge to Roll, Remote PC, deleting the background, screen share, etc.), it encompasses the typical elements: presentation creation, writing, taking pictures, and displaying and sharing them in the quickest way possible. 

Design and haptics

Not only is the new Samsung Flip handy, but it is also aesthetically pleasing. Specifically, its light gray color goes well with any setting, be it office, meeting room, or trendy meeting space. It has a no-gap wall mount on the back of it. Meanwhile, the board itself is attached with magnet brackets to provide more stability.

With the 2019 Samsung Flip, meetings can be more collaborative and interesting with its features. Interested in buying this cool whiteboard for your business? Ask for a quote at Samsung’s product page where you can also enter your custom requirements.

Photo credits: All images used are owned by Samsung and were provided for press usage.

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