Anything but Superficial: Microsoft Announces New Surface Products


This week Microsoft announced some big news in its Surface range – there are new devices, there is now software and more! The two new flagship products that have just joined the already impressive line-up are the Surface Pro 6 and the Surface Laptop 2.

Surface Pro 6

The Surface Pro 6 boasts an impressive stat boost from the Surface Pro 5, and thanks to its 8th generation Intel quad-core processor, it’s up to 67% faster than its predecessor. All the features that users love from previous iterations are still the same, including the password-free Windows Hello sign-in, the windows timeline and the optimization for Office 365.


Of course, the iconic look stayed the same as well, featuring an efficient design focused on portability and convenience, as well as an improved performance. The new Surface Pr 6 also comes in a new color – matte black gives the device a sleek and elegant look perfect for professionals. With this new range, Microsoft is once again proving that they aren’t the market leaders for nothing – design, power, functionality, durability, and aesthetics all rolled into one perfectly portable and versatile device.

Surface Laptop 2

The second new device, the Surface Laptop 2 features the same new 8th generation Intel quad processor and is up to 85% faster than the first generation laptop. Between the 13.5inch PixelSense Touch Display and the 14.5-hour battery life, the new and boosted Surface Laptop is the ideal choice for professionals that need their laptop to last the whole work-day, not just until lunch.


Like the Surface Pro 6, the new laptop also comes in black, making both devices available in a total of 4 colors, proving that style doesn’t have to be sacrificed when it comes to functionality and efficiency. Competing with similar devices like the Lenovo Yoga, Microsoft has launched a strong competitor in the lightweight work-laptop range – bundled with software like Office 365, the new devices are competitively priced as well.

Surface Headphones

In addition to these two devices, Microsoft has also launched Surface Headphones in order to complete the Surface experience.


Featuring 13 levels of ambient noise control, the new Bluetooth headphones are optimized for Surface devices but will work with any Bluetooth enabled device, allowing for seamless switching between devices, be it laptops or phones.

Surface Studio 2

For creative professionals, the Surface Studio 2 is an interesting choice – completing the new range of Surface devices, it features next-generation Pascal graphics, never before seen color-vibrancy and up to 50% faster GPU compared to older devices.


The new one is 38% brighter, has 22% more contrast and 4096 levels of pressure recognition, making it perfect for just about any type of design work imaginable.

Surface Go

There is also the Surface Go which can act like a tablet. If you connect a mouse and a keyboard it can also do a good job as a normal laptop as far as productivity goes, just smaller. It’s said to be the most affordable Surface product yet and will run smoothly throughout the day.


All of the new devices, save for the Surface headphones, are available for pre-order already, while the headphones will be in stores in time for the upcoming holidays – at the very least in the UK and US. Other areas may have to wait until early 2019 to get their hands on one of them.

YouTube: Introducing Microsoft Surface Go

Photo credit: All images used are owned by Microsoft and were made available for press use.
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