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Microsoft Unveils Surface Studio Ultrathin Desktop

MICROSOFT CORP. LOGO26-October, New York – People still love to work at a desk, and a notebook isn’t the perfect device for that situation. So, Microsoft is bringing the Surface range up to date with a less portable form that still uses the super-thin design to make an impression.

Along with new Intel Core i7 Surface Books convertibles, the Surface Studio model is here for those who want big-screen real estate to craft grand designs, fine art or to collaborate around a table. Unlike the Surface Hub, this unit features a super-thin 28-inch LCD and comes with Intel’s Core i7 processor, Nvidia’s GTX 980m GPU, 24GB of memory, plus 2TB of hard drive space.

Aimed at design and art types, the display runs at 192 PPIand offers TrueColor, sRGB and DCIP3 display modes. Housed in the unit is a touchscreen and microphones for voice interaction via Cortana. The screen can be tilted up and down for improved collaboration, or when you want the thing to yourself. Software will reject your palm resting on it as input and presumably can accept multitouch from several users.


There’s also a wireless keyboard and mouse for regular input, while a dial control provides haptic feedback for very precise scrolling when dealing with fine detail. It will also work with the Surface Pen, which Surface tablet users are getting to know and love, more and more.

Surface Book Grows Up

The new Surface Books pack in even more power for those who still want high performance on the go. The new Surface Book i7 uses Intel’s latest CPU and comes with double GPU performance and battery life of up to 16 hours, around a 30% life enhancement. Prices start from $2,389, with pre-orders starting today.

Microsoft’s event also took some time to hype its augmented HoloLens solution and VR features, plus new tricks for Windows 10 including a new Paint app, game broadcasting via its new Beam service, while business users can now play with 3D models in PowerPoint which should liven up a few presentations.

YouTube: Introducing Microsoft Surface Studio

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