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Nestron: The Future of Smart Homes

Many people dream of living peacefully and comfortably without worrying about mortgage debts or basic services payments. It is with these people in mind that the Singaporean company Nestron launched their small, minimalist prefab homes.

Nestron is a multinational business founded in 2017 that integrates architectural design, R&D, manufacturing, and trading to offer innovative and quality homes to its customers. Currently, they have the Cube and Legend collection, each one with ideal home features for everyone.


Living in an AI home

Nestron offers a one-bedroom house that includes a kitchen, bathroom, and living room, as well as a home built for 3-4 people. Each of these houses has windows and a skylight that lets natural light flood in. These homes are also controlled by an AI-based voice assistant named Canny that manages all smart equipment and it is programmed to suit the inhabitants’ needs. These homes also include a complete piping system and electricity.

These futuristic Nestron homes are powered by an external power system and come with a 15-year warranty. They have built-in steel, with embedded tempered glass structures for sound insulation and protection. Aside from that, it has advanced firefighting and natural disasters defenses. They are also almost completely made of recyclable and pollution-free materials, making these safe and ecofriendly that are adaptable to any environment.


After starting the purchase, Nestron’s sales assistants discuss all the details and housing requirements you need. You will receive a final structure and, after paying 50% of the house, they will begin to build it. The team will send updates on the different stages of the building process, even a video tour so that you know each corner of the new house. The home will be sent wherever you are, and you can move in immediately.

Each of the collections currently has two designs to choose from. For the Cube collection, they have Cube One and Cube Two. Meanwhile, the more traditional-looking Legend collection has Legend One and Legend Two.

You can lose a lot of time looking for the perfect home or pay a huge amount of money for remodeling and renovations. However, with Nestron, you can create one of these fully furnished homes starting at $19,000. You just have to select your home, customize it, choose the perfect place, and start to live in the future right now.

YouTube: Nestron Showroom

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