Moving Forward into the New Future


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The future is as uncertain as it’s ever been. Since the global lockdown that ground the world to a halt in March 2020, there has been a significant shift concerning how we perceive the world we live in. It forced companies and individuals to reassess how they worked and what they truly valued. With successful vaccine rollouts, the restart of a new world seems imminent. With this in mind, companies will have to take heed and realize that the world they left behind is not the world they will be returning to.

Ways to re-enter the new world

Since the world has gone primarily online, this has created many opportunities for countries to go International. This has shifted the economic landscape and shaken the proverbial snow globe exorbitantly. Companies like Smartproxy recommend making use of residential proxies to stay ahead of the global curve. Using a residential proxy can ensure that you can do what you need to do no matter where in the world you are positioned. This is undoubtedly helpful when companies need to find new ways to emerge in the economic landscape.

Improve health and safety

Companies will need to remain vigilant regarding the new concerns and needs of their clients and customer base. There will most likely be a drastic increase in health and safety vigilance, and companies will have to build trust with their clientele to ensure that the highest health and safety measures are taken into account.

Consider financial changes to the market

Another factor to consider in the re-opening of the global market is how markets have changed. The heavy financial implications of COVID/19 and lockdown forced countless individuals to re-evaluate what they deem to be essential. Many individuals had to address their budgets severely and therefore explored cheaper alternatives to their usual products. In China, for example, 33% of consumers changed food brands during the pandemic. This might mean you need to consider a rebrand or perhaps target a different market post lockdown to keep your product in line with current consumer demands.

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The nature of industry has shape-shifted drastically, leading to a sudden shift in markets. The sudden ban on travel and, in some cases, even certain industries has forced some companies to have to address the sourcing and distribution of many of their products. In some cases, a complete rebranding might have to happen simply because your target market is no longer accessible. The flow of goods and services has declined by as much as 50% since the 2020 lockdown, and it might take some time to regain momentum again, relying on a sense of trust built between consumers and companies.

Make use of online presence and web scraping

With an estimated two billion global buyers in 2021, there has been a significant increase in online shopping. This presents eCommerce companies with both opportunities and challenges. Yes, you might have more potential buyers available, but how do you know what they want and need? To successfully reintegrate into the new global sphere, factors like your consumers’ financial health need to be considered. Web scraping is a helpful way in which your company can stay on top of global trends. Using tools like web scraping can drastically improve the amount and quality of the information you get on your potential or even existing client base and your competitors.

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Instead of spending hours and hours in front of your computer copying and pasting information from websites, you can now find an online web scraper or automated web scraper that puts in the hard work on your behalf. Professional web scraping allows you the freedom to have an automated web scraper source all the information you need (be it stock prices, infographics, product details, financial data, and more) and turn it into legible information that you can use. Using a residential proxy in conjunction with your web scraper gives you access to insurmountable amounts of data that might otherwise be hidden behind firewalls or might be geo-blocked due to your location. Residential proxies give you the freedom to move beyond these technological barriers and get the information you need to warrant that you stay one step ahead of the competition.


In conclusion, it’s hard to predict the future. Customer needs have shifted and need to be considered. Ensuring your company continues to grow and stay afloat in the face of this rapidly changing global market is paramount, and you can only facilitate that when you have the whole picture. Using proxies certainly helps in making sure you get all the information you need to make the best choices for your company.

Photo credit: The feature image has been done by Seventyfour. The photo in the body of the article was taken by Tirachard.

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