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Morpher: The Foldable Bicycle Helmet Innovation

What is the Morpher helmet all about? When riding a bike, you are incredibly vulnerable to injuries that one could obtain when you happen to have an accident. Knock on wood. This doesn’t even need to be your own fault. A car driver’s mishap can cause you or a beloved one to experience incredible pain, permanent disability or even death.

Wearing a helmet is a must – this is a given. But what should you do with a bulky helmet? Keep it on? Carry it in your hands while you’re walking? The flat folding bicycle helmets from Morpher can be easily stored so you can put them in your bag while you are not riding the bike.

Morpher: Functional design helps to solve everyday problems

This cycling helmet gives the wearer the protection of a regular helmet (CE EN:1078 and CPSC) but lets users store them more efficiently by taking up less space if folded. The design also does not suffer from this function. These foldable biking helmets are available in the colors matt black, regal red, frosty white, shiny black, stunning silver, and a spotty dot pattern design.

frosty-white-morpher helmet
Folded Morpher helmet in frosty white color option

The helmets have openings that allow for ventilation, but they can be worn in all weather conditions. There is one standard size that fits mid-teens and adults with a helmet size from 52 cm to 58 cm (20.5 – 22.8 inches). If you’re commuting by bicycle and would rather store your gear in your laptop bag, in the backpack or elsewhere than carrying it, the Morpher helmet might be the solution for you.

Pricing details and purchasing

You can order the Morpher foldable helmet from Amazon currently for $149. Over there they have a 4-star user rating based on the feedback of 27 reviewers and counting. If you happen to order, make sure to drop your comments below. We’d love to hear about your experiences.

Vimeo: Morpher Helmet – Viral Thread

Photo credit: All images have been provided by Morpher for press usage.

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Good design but possibly a bit expensive. If you happen to have the extra money, this is a great solution to store your cycling helmet.Morpher: The Foldable Bicycle Helmet Innovation