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Riiid’s AI Tutoring Software Aims to Replace Teachers

The world is increasingly turning toward automation and artificial intelligence. Even as we speak, machines are taking over traditional jobs. This has multiple advantages, such as faster task completion, lower costs, and more efficiency. One of the largest and most obvious disadvantages is the loss of jobs for humans that used to perform them.

However, this is the price of progress and has happened with humanity’s every technological breakthrough since the dawn of time. Moreover, organizations and businesses are working hard to find a purpose for the workers affected by this. So what’s the next occupation to potentially end up on the “kill list”? The answer may be teaching.

Tutoring with AI

Riiid, a tech startup on education headquartered in Korea has been developing and testing an AI platform known as “santAInside”. This platform is the AI tutor solution that can also predict how a user would answer questions.

This tutor doesn’t have to divide its attention to 20+ students at the same time in a typical classroom. With this solution, all students could have equal opportunities for quality training and education, at a cheaper cost.

With the help of more than 30 researchers from universities in various countries, Riiid is trying to become an alternative to the traditional way of schooling. Its creators are aiming for it to replace all workbooks and lecturers in this modern era.

Riiid attracts valuable investments

Riiid is a member company of the Born2Global Center, a major Korean government agency under the Ministry of Science and ICT, providing services such as professional consulting in law, accounting, investment, business development, and marketing to over 100 startups each year.

The company has recently reached the spotlight after securing $18M in its Series C funding round. It was led by Premier Partners, DSC Investment, Korea Growth Investment Corporation, Aplenroute Asset Management, D Ventures Private Investment Fund, IMM Investment, and DSC Investment.

Photo credits: The feature image is a screenshot from a YouTube video owned by Riiid. The graphics in the body of the article are screenshots from the featured website and also owned by Riiid.
Source: PR Newswire

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