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The Tiny Mevo Plus Cam Live-Streams Events at 4K Resolution

When you want to do a video live and broadcast on the Internet there are a lot of technicalities to check into usually. With the Mevo Plus streaming cam from Livestream, you get a lot of solutions in a small box and the best part is that it also plays well with other video streaming services.

The company behind the Mevo Plus cam is the NY-based Livestream Inc. With Mevo Plus they managed to build a professional production grade device that is yet affordable, small, and most importantly, easy to use. Of course, we are using the term affordable here in comparison with the professional video production counterparts of the Mevo Plus cam.

Mevo Plus Streaming Cam Product Shot FrontScale down to a simple solution

When you’re preparing events with video distribution that is live-streamed into the web anything can go wrong and will go wrong. When you can’t or don’t want to outsource all this stress to a team of specialists, it’s good to have a reliable gadget to support you.

When there are important guests sitting around, waiting to get interviewed, you don’t want to have any kind of delay. The Mevo Plus cam directly supports video streaming services like Vimeo, Livestream, Facebook Live, YouTube, Periscope, Twitter, and maybe even more in the future.

You can just place the cam, adjust the view and let the automatic functions like the face-finder and the auto-focus do its job, while you can concentrate on your work. There is also an app to control the cam better for both Android OS and iOS.

Mevo Plus Streaming Cam Product Shot PartsPortable stream cam with 4K specs

While the Mevo Plus is rather tiny, it still provides a good set of tech specs and functions. You can connect it via Wi-Fi, plug in the 16GB SD card (for recording) that’s already included, and make use of the integrated 1,200 mAh battery when you’re not able to get a direct power line.

Inside you’ll find a Sony 4K Sensor that allows for 4K resolution video capturing at 3840 x 2160 pixels and 30 frames per second on an Ambarella A9SE encoder. Want to know more details? Check out the official specs page here.

Not yet sure about this one? Have a look at the promo video below. Perhaps it can help you solve your video production and streaming issues without spending a fortune. So much does it cost?

You can currently get the Mevo Plus streaming cam on Amazon for $499. What do you think about the price? Already tried it out? Any other thoughts on the product? Make sure to share your thoughts below in the comments. Thanks!

YouTube: Mevo Plus – Livestream Like a Pro

Photo credit: All used photo material and product shots, along with the embedded video are owned by Livestream.

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