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Cisco Expanding Capabilities for Webex

Video conferencing has indeed proven its significance, with companies and schools making the most out of the said technology. Various meetings, conferences, lectures, among others, have been held through video conferencing, allowing people to join in despite the difference in locations.

Of course, conditions for working and studying from home have already been in place before. However, the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic it a “must-do” for most to continue with their daily functions. To help with this, Cisco is driven more than ever to virtually connect everyone.

Virtual events: the new norm?

The call for social distancing continues to intensify to help lessen the impact of the contagious disease. Daily shutdowns have become a norm and large gatherings have been postponed. Airports, highways, and other usually packed areas are now close to looking deserted.

Through the help of video conferencing, people have begun to have a sense of normalcy. For this reason, Cisco has expanded the capabilities on its free Webex offer in all applicable countries. This includes unlimited usage, support for up to 100 video conference participants, and the offer for toll dial-in.

With this, virtual family reunions, birthdays, and other celebrations can continue to take place instead of physical gatherings. News shows, artists, and performers can also utilize this to provide information and entertainment. These events, done through live videos, allow people to continue to feel connected with the outside world despite the challenging situation.

Existing users are also in for a treat as the company also allowed for usage expansion at no additional cost. As one of the first businesses in the industry, this is one of Cisco’s ways to ensures that the company does its best to address the current global pandemic.

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Source: Stephanie Chan (Cisco)

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