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Manage Company Assets Securely with Snipe-IT

Digital transformation in business is reaching new heights of success in today’s evolving technology, making the world a global village with all kinds of information readily available at the click of a button. However, the comfort and ease of technology also come with drawbacks.

Over the past few months, businesses have been making the move to go digital since most consumers are all staying at home. As such, we also saw an increase in cybercrime and the need for data security as companies continue to manage their assets online. Products like Snipe-IT provide a solution to this. 

What can Snipe-IT do for you?

Snipe-IT does a lot but focuses on two primary things. They offer you a cloud-based platform to track and manage all your companies assets, and they do this in a very secure way. Need to track what laptop is used by what employee? Their mobile phones? Maybe even just the key or RFID door opener? It all goes to be registered in Snipe-IT along with all corresponding data and can then be digitally signed by the receiving party. No more Excel sheets. No more paperwork with printing and signing and scanning and archiving the end-user agreements.

The team at Snipe-IT prides itself on its passion for providing data security to its users, detailing the offerings of its software that helps their customers as they manage their assets. Features like two-factor authentication and an option to enforce password minimum requirements are pretty much standard. However, it also has features such as middleware to enforce a Content Security Policy (CSP), granular user-roles restricting access, and CSRF protection using form tokens.

Snipe-IT ensures that the platform itself is also secure, with multiple layers of defense for security to ensure that the assets being managed are kept secure and intact. The platform offers a secured connection via TLS (SSL), encrypted databases and drives, and regular data backups. The tool is also open-sourced, which is their way of being transparent to their customers on its security.


Of course, there are few things to consider before choosing Snipe-IT as an asset management tool. One main consideration is that it is only suitable for small and medium-sized companies. It’s also not available for Android or iOS. There is also only live online training available which means face-to-face and recorded webinars are not available. This means employees will need to take out time from their busy schedules.   

Despite all that, Snipe-IT should be an effective tool that can keep your assets secure. It is definitely available for free for self-hosting, but if you need hosting to be done for you, the price starts at $39.99 per month. Besides, these features can’t be found elsewhere for the same price. However, the product isn’t as versatile, and can’t be used on different devices if you are not live.

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