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Airbase: The Financial Platform that Keeps Track of Company Transactions

Companies rely heavily on their financial systems to continue on with daily operations, especially in these dire times. Managing a company and its financials becomes an increasingly tedious task, especially it grows and expands its operations. Eventually, efficiency gets compromised, leading to a series of unbalanced account statements.

These days, there are business solutions available to manage the financials of a company easier, with Airbase being one of those companies. Founder and CEO Thejo Kote is no stranger to the difficulties of handling a company’s finances and he aimed to solve them, not only for himself but for other struggling businesses as well. The company is a one-of-a-kind spend management platform aiming to help manage company finances better.


Handling company finances

Airbase functions as a spending platform that can easily handle workflows such as payment approvals and multiplatform transactions. With this, businesses can now focus on other tasks that would need actual interactions like organizational development and external partnership engagements.

Airbase debuted in 2019 with a Series A funding of $7 million led by First Round Capital. True to its promise of control, visibility, and automation, the platform allows for stress-free transactions. This is something companies look for as it gets increasingly harder to check where funds are exactly being used. The single integrated platform can help a company’s finance team as it can display requests, payments, and accounting for ease of use.


Several companies such as Gusto, Segment, and Doximity have shown trust towards the platform even before its formal release. Sean Flynn, Controller at Gusto, has praised Airbase’s system, saying that it “has rethought how spend management should be done from the ground up. We get all the control and visibility we need while delivering an amazing experience to the entire company.”

Airbase has helped companies increased productivity due to the removal of various finance-related functions as well as manual hours worked for these. Now, companies can focus on efficiently utilizing their people to do more complex company tasks. The financial platform is available in packages, starting with a free offer for companies with less than $25,000 worth of corporate card spending per month. The platform is also accessible via Android and iOS.

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