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MAKERphone: Build Your Own DIY Phone

Karlovac, Croatia, October 9, 2018 — Croatian tech startup CircuitMess launches MAKERphone crowdfunding campaign on Kickstarter, reaches funding goal after 7 hours and 45 minutes.

Learn and have fun

Last year we reported about the MAKERbuino, which is a DIY gaming console. After the success of their previous project, the same team is now back to bring you the MAKERphone.


The MAKERphone is your ticket to construct a phone from electronic parts and programming. It’s labeled as an educational DIY mobile phone, but I think it could be even more than that.

What’s this all about?

If you get the phone, you can build a fully functional phone. You can learn and practice coding, make simple games and apps for it with Python and other programs in Arduino. As the device is also “naked” tech, you can design a case yourself or even 3D-print a housing.

maker phone 3--2
A MAKERphone with media player app

As far as education goes, the MAKERphone supports a variety of STEM disciplines in theory and practice. You can learn about resistors, basic electronics, soldering, coding, physical computing, Python, Arduino (C/C++), and more. By doing all that, you gain a much better understanding of how a smartphone works.

Building a company

“With MAKERphone, we’re trying to show people that every machine you see was designed by a human being not different nor smarter than themselves.”, says Albert, the creator of MAKERphone. But Albert Gajšak is not only the maker of the MAKERphone. After the success of the MAKERbuino in 2017, he founded a tech startup in Karlovac, Croatia, called CircuitMess. At that time he was only 18 years old. Until now they have already hired seven people to build interesting DIY products for fun and learning.

CircuitMess team sitting together
CircuitMess team sitting together

How to get your own

The MAKERphone Kickstarter campaign is still going until the 22nd of November, but they already managed to get a funding sum of $27,247 as of now, which is already a lot more than the goal of $15,000 after only 7 hours and 45 minutes. If you’re fast, you can also back them and get an early bird discount on the MAKERphone kit, allowing you to tinker and learn for a price of $89. Their target delivery date is March 2019.

YouTube: Build Your Own Phone

Photo credit: All images used are owned by CircuitMess and were provided as part of a press kit.
Source: We have been informed by Albert Gajšak through email.

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