Make Premium Hot Chocolate at Home with Velvetiser

Hot chocolate is a comforting indulgence topped with the right amount of silky froth. When you make at home, it seldom comes with a velvety and creamy texture to living up your expectation.

Now, you can be cozy at home and still can have it. Hotel Chocolat has introduced the Velvetiser, the perfect hot chocolate maker. You can enjoy premium hot chocolate at any time, you’ll think it was made by an expert barista.

From frothy start to finish

Hotel Chocolat, together with Dualit, developed Velvetiser so you can make a “Barista-grade hot chocolate”. It promises to make your cocoa with a cloudy, velvety texture from your first sip to the last. You can also use the device to create that perfect chocolatey goodness before putting it on ice to make chilled chocolate on a summer day.


The Velvetiser heats up real quick and keeps it at exactly 67° to 69°C to make sure the cocoa ingredients melt evenly, allowing for a smooth velvety hot chocolate all the way through. Dig in as soon as it’s ready and get lost in the flavors of your favorite comfort food.

The best part about this device is that you don’t need to exert much effort to create your dream chocolate drink. All you need to do is pour in the ingredients, put on the lid, and switch the device on. You can see the magic happen through the transparent lid as the Velvetiser swirls everything together. The whisk at the center helps in producing a perfectly creamy drink ready in just two and a half minutes, a short amount of time that brings you a blissful hot chocolate with a small layer of froth on top.

Aesthetic design

The Velvetiser has a compact, sleek design with its smooth, stainless steel. It has a textured and non-slippery handle coupled with the rim that has spouts on both sides that allow for easy use by left-handed and right-handed people.


The non-stick container allows for quick and simple rinsing. Though the whisks are dishwasher safe and can be taken out separately, the hot chocolate chamber is irremovable. The trick to cleaning the inside is to pour some water with a drop of a dishwasher and run the machine. This way, the Velvetiser will be clean and sparkling in no time.

The Velvetiser has a black gloss base where the magnetic bottom of the container locks into the place inside with a snap and. Before starting to make hot chocolate, make sure that the magnetic whisk is in its right place and does not fall out while pouring milk.

If you are a hardcore hot chocolate lover, then Velvetiser is a must-have for a price of £99.95. It comes in three colors: Matt Charcoal, Shiny Copper, and Gloss White. The package also includes two ceramic pod cups so you can serve them easily for you and your special someone.


Photo credit: The images used are owned by Hotel Chocolat and have been provided for press usage.

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