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Make Your Own Chocolate With CocoTerra

Generally speaking, people have loved chocolate for a long time. Young and old have consumed chocolate over the years, so it’s no surprise that you can find it everywhere.

Of course, there are different ways for us to enjoy this simple yet delectable treat, from simple chocolate-covered chips to chocolate made from 3D printing. However, aren’t you curious as to how to make your own chocolate? Well, now you can grind up your own with CocoTerra.

Your personal taste

CocoTerra started off when Nate Saal and his brother-in-law Mark wondered if people could make their own chocolate just like they do for coffee. Both of them had years of experience in the chocolate and coffee industries respectively, so they brought their knowledge to the table.

Thus, the CocoTerra chocolate maker was born. The device itself seems like it’s as big as a blender so it probably wouldn’t take up too much space in the kitchen. It also has a molding ring for where the chocolate will be molded into the final product. The chocolate maker basically blends all the ingredients that makes up your chocolate and places it in the ring mold when it’s done.

Normally, the actual creation of the chocolate could be hard work, like refining and tempering it until it’s good to go. However, the device does all the grunt work for you. You just need to pour the cocoa nibs into the device. It will grind, refine, temper, and mold the chocolate through ball milling. You’ll also have to add other ingredients such as milk powder, sugar, and cocoa butter. You can choose a recipe to follow or make your own if you’re feeling adventurous.

From there, the process takes up about 2 hours. Technically speaking, it’s probably the same amount of time as getting out of your house to buy some chocolate at a store near you and eating it on the way home with time to spare. Then again, there’s a certain kind of magic in making your own personal chocolate and discovering how to make the perfect one that fits your tastes. Plus, once you get the hang of it, you can gift some chocolates to your loved ones too.

Unfortunately, the Coco Terra is not out in the market yet so we’ll have to wait for it. If you want to know when this gets out, you can go ahead and subscribe to their website.

YouTube: CocoTerra Introduction

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