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Many may argue that a travel mouse, like the Logitech MX Anywhere 3, might be pretty pointless during a time when there is no traveling to be done. To those people, I’d like to say that the MX Anywhere 3 could not have been released at a better time. The world is currently normalizing remote learning and working, and this wireless Bluetooth mouse allows people to do that effectively — and comfortably. Doing anything remotely might mean that you don’t have a decent desk to work at. Given that the MX Anywhere 3 tracks well on any surface, you can use it anywhere — finish that report in bed, or simply drag it across a glass table without a mousepad!

It works anywhere

The Logitech MX Anywhere 3 is the younger sibling of the Logitech MX Master 3, and it is significantly smaller in size. Its dimensions of 4.91 x 3.32 x 2.01 inches and weight of 3.49 ounces make it an incredibly lightweight and portable product. Not only is it smaller in size, but it is also cheaper in price — as it currently retails for $79.99

Logitech MX Anywhere 3 Wireless Bluetooth Mouse Pink Rose Compact

This small but mighty mouse currently comes in 3 colors (pale gray, rose, and graphite). And as expected, it operates wirelessly via Bluetooth, but it also comes with a USB receiver. I was able to use it immediately after unboxing the small device. Just turn on the power switch beneath the mouse, and glide it across any surface. The reason behind its brilliant ability to function anywhere can be attributed to its Darkfield high precision sensor technology — which ultimately allows it to work on glass. While I have faith in Logitech’s claims, I did take the liberty of testing the mouse on a windowpane, a glass-top table, and even my phone. While I doubt that anyone would ever resort to using their phone screen as a mousepad — just know that you can!

In terms of connectivity, the MX Anywhere 3 can maintain the connection to devices that are up to 10m away, and it also works with a multitude of different operating systems — macOS, Windows, Chrome OS, Linux, as well as both Android and iOS. Hence, you can use it across all of your devices. Speaking of that, the button located at the bottom of the mouse allows users to switch between 3 different connected devices.

Keep on scrolling

With its very premium-feeling steel MagSpeed scrolling wheel — which utilizes electromagnetic technology instead of the usual mechanical wheel — the MX Anywhere 3 provides for a very smooth scrolling experience. However, if you do enjoy a tactile feeling when you scroll, the mode shift button located at the top of the mouse allows you to toggle between both Rachet and Free-Spin mode. No matter which mode you prefer, the MX Anywhere works very silently — even in Rachet mode, you’ll be able to feel each bump, but you certainly won’t hear it.

Logitech MX Anywhere 3 Wireless Bluetooth Mouse Works on any Surface

The electromagnetic scrolling technology also guarantees that users have complete control. Want to stop at a specific pixel? The MX Anywhere 3 can do that. Want to scroll through a thousand lines in a single second? The MX Anywhere 3 can do that too.

Ensures productivity

Precision isn’t the only thing that the MX Anywhere 3 excels at. It’s also a powerhouse when it comes to ensuring productivity. This mouse makes sure to keep up with you, allowing you to easily and quickly accomplish tasks. Much like most of Logitech’s previous wireless mice, the MX Anywhere 3 comes with Logitech Flow, and it can be used to transfer files across various devices — just copy on one device, and paste on another.

If you’re a fan of shortcuts keys, then you’ll love taking advantage of this mouse’s app-specific buttons. Each one’s functionality changes depending on the app that you’re using. For example, you can use the scroll wheel to click on a link in your web browser, and it’ll immediately open in a new tab. These buttons perform great for office work or school work. As remote learning and remote working becomes the new norm, attending video calls for meetings or classes happen on the daily. With this, the side buttons on the mouse can be of use for muting the mic or stopping your video during a call. The MX Anywhere 3 works especially well with editing programs, such as Adobe Premiere Pro or Photoshop. Not only does its maximum 4000 DPI ensure utmost precision, but the side buttons come in handy as undo or redo keys.

Logitech MX Anywhere 3 Wireless Bluetooth Mouse Side Buttons

The MX Anywhere 3 has a 500 mAh lithium polymer battery that is said to last for 70 days on a single charge. It comes with a type-c charging cable, and it’s fully rechargeable. Logitech also states that just one minute of charge can provide for three hours of usage. While I haven’t exactly tested out the 70-day claim, I must say that I have no doubt that it is true. When the mouse first arrived, I couldn’t wait to use it. While I don’t think that it came fully-charged, I immediately began using it when I discovered that it could be powered up. The MX Anywhere 3 ended up working fine for an entire month before its light flashed red, asking me to plug it in for charging. It might also be useful for me to add that I used this mouse every single day for hours on end.

Logitech MX Anywhere 3 Wireless Bluetooth Mouse Pink Rose Compact Type C Rechargeable

Compact and premium

The only possible negative that I can point out for Logitech’s MX Anywhere 3 is the fact that its compact size may not fit well with large hands. Those who prefer a larger mouse might like to try the MX Master 3 instead. With that being said, my petite hands thoroughly enjoyed the MX Anywhere 3’s design. Considering that I often spend hours on video editing, this mouse ensured the precision and comfort I needed for such an activity. All in all, the Logitech MX Anywhere 3 exists as a premium travel-size mouse that works anywhere, anytime.

YouTube: Logitech MX Anywhere 3 Wireless Compact Performance Mouse

Photo credit: The images used have been taken by the author for TechAcute.
Editorial notice: We received a sample unit from Logitech for testing purposes. The product was tested for a month before this review was composed.

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