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Liteboxer: Interactive At-Home Boxing Experience

Nothing sticks with me when it comes to fitness fads, as I tend to get bored easily with routine workouts. Until one magical day, I decided to try boxing, and I loved it. I religiously went to the gym, day or night, for about a year. But due to unforeseen circumstances, I had to stop, but boy, do I miss every part of it — the intense workouts, the rush, and flush it gives me — even being sore the next day.

With most gyms are still not in full capacity yet, boxing enthusiasts find it hard to keep themselves active. Let’s face it, doing workouts on your own at home doesn’t really give the same thrill as going to the gym. But, thanks to Jeff Morin and Todd Dagres, Liteboxer was born in 2020 to provide users a similar boxing experience at home.

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Step into the ring

Liteboxer is a technology-based replacement for our sad, heavy bags at home. The heavy-duty shield has six target zones with force sensors and LED light pads, which adapt to the user’s fitness level and guide them throughout the workout. The goal is to hit the target once the target’s lit.

With the help of some of the best boxing coaches, the user could box along to the beat of the music provided by the Liteboxer app available on both iOS and Android. This whole experience gives you the feel of sparring with a boxing partner. You may even have a healthy competition with your friends in the same session. At the end of the workout, you’ll get to see your workout performance scores through the app as well.

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Upgrade your punching bags

Liteboxer comes with two if you want to avail of this device. The free-standing unit or the wall mount is priced at $1,495, and the floor stand unit, which comes with a non-slip mat, is priced at $1,695. Either unit is shipped for free and comes with the Liteshield machine, gloves, wraps, and a 30-day free membership trial.

For more good news, get an extra $400 off on Liteboxer’s Black Friday sale, which is already ongoing. Now, there is no excuse for you not to do and enjoy your favorite boxing workouts even when at home.

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