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Top 40 List of the Most-Liked Tweets on Twitter

Twitter has become an important part of how many people around the world communicate and inform themselves. The US has a huge user base alone so it goes without saying that many of the most-liked tweets have been posted by US celebrities and politicians.

Certainly, this is not a political scoreboard but it is interesting to see that the current US president does not show up at all in this list, while, however, it is clearly dominated by the former US president from both his personal and his POTUS accounts. It appears that he had often found words that inspired and motivated the masses.

Please consider this content as a neutral list based on the number of likes that the tweets received. This article is only meant to inform and hopefully entertain you a little with these 40 snippets out of the life of people you might know.

That being said, have fun and add your likes if you’re fond of any of these tweets. Enjoy!

List of the 40 most-liked tweets on Twitter







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