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You Don’t Need a LeviZen, but It’s Really Cool

Some of our decorative objects around us are pretty, others are cute, but the LeviZen is simply cool. The LeviZen device is able to levitate water and establishes a zero-gravity field that can hold water droplets. Watch the droplet and be in awe and be zen.

Wood, metal and design love

The product consists of two parts. The taller part generates the zero gravity field, and the little box next to it is a controller with display, switches, and potentiometer to adjust the field. Both are designed with a mixed metal and wood appearance. It doesn’t look steampunk-ish though, it instead seems soothing and simple. The product has been partially CNC machined and partially hand-finished.

LeviZen is built by Simplistyk, a startup that managed a successful crowdfunding campaign back in 2016 for a spinning device. Now they are back on Kickstarter to provide their old and new fans with a new design.

They say that LeviZen works with inaudible high-frequency sound waves that are emitted from the top and the bottom of the device to generate pressure in the center of the unit.

A light in the dark

The design also includes two LED spots that light the levitating droplet up to make it look as if it was the light source itself, floating, flying, hovering, about. Overall it’s a real beauty to put on your desk and will undoubtedly get everybody around curious about how this little trick works.

If you’re a fan of the LeviZen, you can now back the project on their project website starting at $199, with a planned retail price of $399. Expected delivery is currently said to be in July, later this year. If you can’t get enough zen in your life, you should also check out our post about “YUN,” the levitating aroma spaceship.

Kickstarter: LeviZen – Levitate water & feel zero gravity

Photo credit: Simplistyk

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