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German Startup Landpack Wants to Swap Straw for Styrofoam Packaging

More and more packages are sent every day. The rise of ecommerce ultimately pushed logistics companies to their limits and beyond. As we don’t want to receive our items broken, all packaging requires some sort of soft protection.

Bubble wraps and styrofoam is, however, less than ideal for our environment. Of course you could reuse them perhaps one or two times, but eventually, they will end up in the trash. Plastic wrappers can take up to 450 years to fully decompose. Until then, it’s lying around on dumps in the ideal scenario and pollutes the environment if not properly disposed of.

Landpack offers natural packaging material

German startup company Landpack wants to swap all this packaging plastic and styrofoam waste with their own product. They are using natural materials such as straw and hemp to build covers to protect goods on their way to the customer. Their product is marketed as “Landbox.”

landpack landbox straw packaging material solution hemp alternative eco friendly

From the look of the units, they seem to be in a plastic wrapper, but that is actually only natural starch to keep the straw in place and is also biodegradable without concern.

Need to keep goods fresh? The hemp-based Landbox version is considered as thermal packaging and has moisture-regulating attributes, and their cooling elements are based on water.

The Landbox is no sandbox. The folks at Landpack certainly look like they know what they are doing. It’s a great alternative to using environmentally unfriendly materials.


Any other benefits?

If you’re selling a natural premium product, there is a definite benefit beyond being environmentally friendly when you decide to use the Landbox for your parcels. When your customers open their boxes to take out whatever they ordered from you, they are greeted by a most natural authentic stray smell. This countryside / childhood-memories type of experience has a direct positive impact on most people, and they are likely to associate that with your brand and product. This is a great side-effect if you’re in this type of business.

What do you think about the Landbox from Landpack? Hay or nay?

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