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Robotic Komorebi Lamp Simulates Natural Light and Shadows [Concept]

Would it be possible to imitate natural sunlight coming through a window? To replicate the beautiful shadow patterns that light creates when it passes through curtains or leaves? Perhaps you can’t even enjoy the sunlight as much as you’d like if you’re surrounded by high buildings.

Komorebi is a robotic lamp that doesn’t illuminate the room as we are used to, but instead produces an illusion of natural sunlight coming from the window. This concept comes from its meaning which is “sunlight streaming through the trees” in Japanese. Leslie Nooteboom, a Dutch designer engineer, created this conceptual lamp as his graduation project at the Royal College of Art in London.


Bringing natural light to interior spaces

A very common problem these days is that we’re getting lesser sunlight due to the seemingly rapid construction of high-rise buildings. These buildings, while necessary for businesses and such, block out natural light. This also makes it difficult for the sun’s light to reach interior spaces.

Of course, we all have a light source, but the Komorebi lamp sets itself apart from the rest. Inside of the lamp is a projector containing videos with patterns of light passing through tree leaves, windows curtains, or maybe reflections on the water. These patterns are projected and made to move around the room, imitating the sun’s dynamic movement throughout the day.

The lamp is programmable so you can choose the pattern that will illuminate your room. You can also control its movement. You can also incorporate your digital files on lights and shadows to fully customize it.

A great concept

Unfortunately, Komorebi is not ready to purchase yet. It’s currently just a great concept that hopefully would come into fruition. For now, the creator is looking for investors and a manufacturing partner to make this real.

Vimeo: komorebi

Photo credit: The feature photo has been taken by Amaury Salas.

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