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BNP Paribas Launches Consorsbank as Digital Brand

Cortal Consors is a widely known bank that has subsidiaries in Spain, France, Germany and it was formed by the French company Cortal and the German Consors, which were merged back in 2003 during a large rebranding process. However, Cortal Consors has also undergone a new changed recently, as it has been rebranded to “Consorsbank by BNP Paribas“, in their effort to include the technological capabilities and evolve as a company and becoming a digital brand in Germany.

Consorsbank tries to be more than a simple rebranding strategy for it, instead the bank wants to improve the digital approach by becoming more involved in the online trading and money sharing environment. What Consorsbank tries to implement through this change is a kind of social banking in which people have the opportunity to change the way their money are handled. This is something that is very interesting and which brings a lot of opportunities, especially if you take into consideration the fact that Consors is one of the oldest trading platforms in the country.

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With this relaunch the Consorsbank manages to be maneuver themselves into a positioning similar to Fidor Bank, as it manages to introduce a neat, interesting approach in regards to the way they see the future. Becoming a social bank and one that integrates technology in a better way to serve the customer is certainly a great achievement for Consorsbank, and the other changes they undergo right now also show that the bank tries to serve its customers in a better way too.

For example, the bank wants to provide a better interest rate on the money that you borrow, as well as free internet banking as well as numerous exclusives for the new customers. In addition to all of that, those that will save money through a savings account will have the interest rate kept the same for a full year. Consors manages to bring new and interesting changes to their banking system, and we need to give them props for that. Also, the simple fact that they are more targeted towards working with the customers and using the technology for the customer benefit clearly shows that the company is doing its best in trying to provide users with the ease of use and capabilities they deserve.

We applaud Consorsbank and the BNP Paribas for the new approach on banking and their future embracing strategy. We cannot wait to see the new products and services that they are going to unveil soon and hopefully also beyond German markets.

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