Kickstarting Your Business: I’m the King of My Smartphone Kingdom


It’s been decades since phones became “computers.” Our experience within the Internet changed a lot too in all these years. Many of you will remember how it used to be; what you did on your phone; what you did on your computer; and how you wished you had the budget for a laptop, but I don’t want to talk about the past now. I want to talk about today, with a confident look towards the near future of technology.

I got the idea for this article a little while back, coming home from work, and I remember it was a sunny day. It was a beautiful day overall, and while I was walking, I was doing all kinds of things on my smartphone. Within minutes I managed to work off several items from my to-do list, that you can, if you wish to do so, also keep track on with an app. I am no longer hindered by what others might think of me. I’m doing my work here, not playing games. So, what is this article about?

I am King

I stopped right there and thought to myself, “Wow! You just did several things being only on the phone. There was no way this could work that well a couple of years back”. And it’s true. Not only the hardware and bandwidth have improved significantly, but more importantly, the software that we use became almost omnipotent. If you really had no access to computers at all, you could still run a business only on your phone.

With a smile on my face, I thought, “I am King of my smartphone kingdom”! Silly in a way, true enough in other sense. I dare to say, nowadays, you are able to get the right idea about what you want to do, found your own company, manage communications, process proposals, and invoices, facilitate payments, do your accounting, create digital products or deliver digital services. Of course, this does not apply for all kinds of businesses out there a hundred percent, but even if you work in the physical world, there are many aspects that you could consider for the digital transformation to consolidate and simplify your business activities.

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You can do it all on this tiny phone. Not long ago you needed dedicated office space for all that. If you don’t have this kind of space at home, the costs for office space rent, furniture, and equipment can have a substantial impact on your startup budget. This fact could have killed your spirit off in the first calculation you did back then, even before you started your business.

In 2014, when TechAcute was founded, we already had smartphones of course, but there was no way you could condense 100% of all required activities into the phone. Before we equipped office space, I had put a big computer rig in the living room, put a display on an Ikea LACK TV table, and wrote the first articles as I was sitting on the floor. Creativity didn’t mind that.

You can be Queen or King as well

Queen Crown Woman Lady Female Portrait Looking ConfidentBack to the presence – Today you can choose how and where you want to work. Now we are even able to put together whole articles on the smartphone while traveling. Apps can help with the writing, image processing, publishing, social media posts, and more. Team coordination happens in collaboration suites as needed. Business emails are managed on the phone as well. If some solution has no app, it usually has a mobile-friendly website. And if it doesn’t, you just go into desktop-mode with your phone’s browser to have the website load as if it was a regular computer. Even the camera of smartphones has evolved that much that the photo quality can reach the quality of the pictures of dedicated photography equipment. I went to events and recorded footage and snapped away. The results were really not too bad.

So you could basically facilitate business in your favorite coffee shop, walk around, or work from the comfort of your cozy bed. Any place theoretically works. You can also scale up to use a tablet or laptop really, but that’s not the point of this article. The point is you can do a whole lot with just a tiny device. This also applies to those who think of starting a side-hustle next to their full-time or part-time job. If you’re not commuting by car, you can use all the time you sit in buses and trains to actually do some work and progress your business. Are you going to tell me that I’m wrong? You can see my evidence right here in front of you. TechAcute is still here and kicking.

In case you really end up being inspired by this article, which would be a delight for me personally, make sure you also make sure your phone is protected against malware and that your business would remain unharmed, even if you happened to lose your phone. Use cloud storage functions and sync your work often when you’re online. Get a feeling for that, so you don’t end up losing a lot of work if your phone is gone.

If you want to do something; If you want to achieve something – Start it. Work on it. Talk about it on social media. There are no excuses. If you could read this article, you can also get work done. Pick your phone up, create a new Twitter account for your startup, and send a message to the world. Use your first tweet to share your vision. Be the queens and kings of your smartphone kingdom. Rule your realm with a single hand.

Use your second tweet to say ‘hi.’ I’m waiting for your message.

Photo credit: “Smartphone in the air” (Maik Meid) / “Rum Distillery” (Darkday) / Queen portrait with crown (taymtaym)

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Christopher Isak
Christopher Isak
Hi there and thanks for reading my article! I'm Chris the founder of TechAcute. I write about technology news and share experiences from my life in the enterprise world. Drop by on Twitter and say 'hi' sometime. ;)
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