Good Ways to Keep Your Home Safe and Secure from Intruders


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If your home has ever been broken into, it’s one time too many. While many things within your home can easily be replaced or restored, your feeling of self-assurance and safety cannot. That’s why it’s important to take the proper precautions now to prevent a break-in or security breach from occurring in the future. Here are few ways about what you could do to keep your home up to date with the latest in home security and technology to deter unwanted guests and burglars.

Securing the Perimeter

Have you had the unfortunate experience of someone breaking into your home or destroying your property? The first thing you need to do is look at your driveway and the perimeter of your land. Do you have a fence or gate put up? If not, this is a huge security hurdle that needs to be addressed. A front gate system that is controlled electronically can thwart intruders and make it more difficult for them to access your home or garage.

This is also a prime location to install a security camera to help tape anyone who is approaching the entrance. A fence that ties into the gate adds an even larger layer of protection. Lastly, a smart security system should be installed by professionals. Specialized home security in Phoenix such as Black Hat Security is a prime example of the broad security options available to homeowners in cities across the U.S. which add a final layer of protection.

Enhancing Your Landscape

If your home sits close to the street, it can allow easy access to a burglar. A quick hop off the sidewalk can land a stranger practically at your front door. Rearranging your landscape is one way to help thwart a possible break-in. Here are a few tips:

  • Tall trees to make it difficult for someone to see directly in your home from the front or back
  • Rocky terrain to make your front yard difficult to access from the street
  • Thorny bushes and vines along the front perimeter of your property that are challenging to pass through

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It’s important to remember to keep shrubbery and plants low-lying around the perimeter of your house, not your property. This can deter an intruder because there is no easy place to disguise themselves or hide should they get caught. Be creative with your landscape, but stay open to the possibility that someone could easily walk onto your property and straight into the door or window.

Advanced Security System

Keeping your home buttoned up as tight as Fort Knox is one way to feel safe and secure, especially if you live remotely or in a bad neighborhood, where crime rates are high. A security system with all of the bells and whistles will help create a sense of protection. Systems range from simple driveway alert systems to alarms that call the police in a matter of minutes. Look for an advanced system that includes:

  • Touch pad technology and remote alerts to your phone and email
  • Real-time monitoring
  • Door sensors
  • Cameras and motion detectors
  • Signage alerting intruders of your security system access

Being connected to an alarm system around the clock is the best way to stay on top of your entire security system and your home, both while at home and while you’re away.

Cameras and Smart Home Technology

Being able to visually see what’s happening at your home and on your property is vital to your family’s safety. Cameras connected to a full DVR and recording system are helpful to spot an issue before it happens. Connecting to a smart hub within your home can take your security to another level. From the hub, you’ll be able to control electronics and appliances in your home and be alerted if there is a fire, flood or carbon monoxide problem.

Generating a smart home will make it easy to connect to every facet of your home’s security and make it a safe and thriving environment for years to come.

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