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Jotform Releases No-Code App Builder for Business

Solutions and SaaS built with no-code app builders like Bubble, Glide Apps, or Thunkable are growing and becoming more scalable — both as tools for business and actual business ventures. Some companies even release no-code features as a separate offering. One of these companies is Jotform which has announced its new no-code app builder Jotform Apps last week.

Jotform Apps
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Making businesses go mobile

For almost a decade, the American company Jotform has been offering hundreds of templates of forms. This allowed businesses and individuals to create their own forms for surveys, feedbacks, events registrations, and other data such as HIPAA-complaint patient data collection. However, its new product Jotform Apps is a result of a successful in-house no-code apps initiative the company has carried out, which is a great example of product validation.

It is a no-code app builder that allows internal teams to create portals and hubs and also create external customer-facing interfaces. Jotform Apps’ hubs can allow you to store all the information in one place, allowing for better collaboration and less time wasted on follow-ups as everyone has access to the same data.

JotForm Apps
Image: Jotform

For example, the screenshot above illustrates case studies of a realtor company showcasing property details on an app, a dentist appointment feature, and an interactive customer-facing dog grooming business’ interface. The key feature of Jotform Apps is similar to Jotform’s main USP — the ability to collect data straightforwardly seamlessly.

Whether you’re collecting food orders, appointment times and information, or customer feedback, Jotform Apps can allow you to facilitate this process. Its drag-and-drop building interface doesn’t require your team to have any coding knowledge, making it accessible to even non-techie members of your team.

Jotform apps screenshot
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Given how many people shop, make appointments, and do other things via mobile apps today, it’s no surprise that businesses need seamless ways to have a presence via mobile apps to increase engagement. Jotform Apps solution seems to offer that. Since the Jotform Apps is available for free to its users, while most of Jotform’s other features are paid, companies can also save costs on app development.

YouTube: Introducing Jotform Apps

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