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Verify Your Startup Idea with Roast Or Toast

For a startup idea to be viable, it needs to have a real-life application. There’s usually no way to know if it does unless the founder tests the product prior to launch; even that doesn’t always guarantee the venture’s success and can eat up precious resources. Also, the results aren’t always easy to obtain, which means there’s little feedback to work with. US-based company Roast or Toast aims to address this problem by promising “success through actionable feedback.”

Roast or Toast
Image: Roast or Toast

Free feedback from entrepreneurs

Launched earlier this year, Roast or Toast is a tool that’s built on a powerful no-code platform called Bubble. Described as “Rotten Tomatoes meets America’s Got Talent” by founder Daniel France, it provides a community of founders who can submit a product or a concept to experienced entrepreneurs to review and provide actionable feedback, or “roast or toast.”

Not all feedback is created equal. If you receive feedback from experts in the relevant subject matter, it has much more value than that of an average individual from an unspecified target group. In Roast or Toast, the people providing the feedback are founders, investors, and engineers with a personal lifetime value of over $5m. The reviews are not done by the general public but rather by experts who have been through the same things you have.

Roast or Toast
Image: Roast or Toast

Each reviewed product in Roast or Toast is assigned a score. For example, the product CopDeck, which is aimed towards sneaker resellers to help them automate re-selling tasks, has a score of 91. To read the review, you need to create an account with your e-mail address or Twitter.

The service is free of charge, but if a founder wants to speed up the process, they can pay a fee. It will be interesting to see what products Roast or Toast will toast — or roast — in the future and the success rate of products that received positive, actionable feedback.

Photo credits: The feature image is only symbolic and has been taken by Teemu Paananen. All other images have been provided by Roast or Toast for press use.
Sources: Grace Kim (Bubble blog) Daniel France (Indie Hackers)

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