Jam Everywhere with the Jammy Guitar


You’re a musician who gets the best ideas outside the studio? If you’re playing guitar, the Jammy guitar might be interesting to you. I haven’t touched a guitar in a while, but this one looks intriguing.

Jammy is marketed as “super-portable guitar with real strings and direct audio output.” It’s small enough to carry it around in your bag and not carry it on your back the whole time. So wherever you are, when you feel like jamming, hence the name, you can grab your Jammy guitar and go.

Two sizes in one Jammy

The normal size for storing it is 12.6″, when you stretch it out it reaches a length of 19.6″. This is not exactly like the real deal, but it’s a lot better than many comparable digital portable guitar solutions.

You can play discreetly too (if you want to) and just use your headphones connected via 1/8″ jack. This could be useful for some places where not everybody appreciates your tunes (how dare they?). You could also plug into an amp, no additional gear needed.

Comes with an app

There’s also a Jammy app for your smartphone that helps you play interactively or lets you improvise in a variety of music styles. You can connect your Jammy guitar and even keep track of your performance. We didn’t find the app live on iTunes or the Google Play Store yet, but the conceptual screenshots on their website looked impressive.

Jammy App Screenshot

The British GQ writes, “Ideal for slipping into a holdall, this is one instrument that’ll allow Wonderwall strummers the world over to rock out wherever they are.” And we are more than curious to see whether or not this new product can get popular with the artists or not. Perhaps you’ll see some Jammy jammers around soon. If so, make sure to snap a photo and attach it to a comment below. Jam on!

Update 20 September: Jammy is now available through a crowdfunding campaign on Indiegogo.

YouTube: Jammy Guitar: Super-Portable but Real Strings

Photo credit: Jammy
Source: Jammy website / Josh Lee (GQ)

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