Spike: An Email App Built for Productivity


Our email inbox functions as a fundamental element in our daily lives and general productivity. We often utilize it as a formal and professional way to communicate and collaborate with others, but what if our inbox could do more to boost our productivity? An email app, known as Spike, is keen to rise above the normal standards of how an inbox should function — as it aims to function as the perfect productivity tool.

Spike Email Service App for Productivity

What is Spike?

Developed by Spike CEO Dvir Ben-Aroya and Spike CTO Erez Pilosof, this platform is designed to perform as a users’ primary digital workspace, as it includes many different features and is made available for Android, iOS, MacOS, Windows, as well as web browsers. The goal of this platform is to provide the most productive environment for its users through its ‘all-in-one’ design. Spike breaks the normal conventions of other email applications, as it seeks to function as every single possible productivity tool that users could wish for.

How does it work?

The first step to using Spike is as simple as signing up with one of your existing email addresses. Thankfully, this can easily be done as this service works with all existing email accounts. From there, Spike will proceed to convert all your regular emails into convenient chat-like messages. There are ultimately three conversations modes for you to choose from — people mode, inbox mode, and subject mode.

  • People Mode: organizes your inbox emails by your contacts
  • Inbox Mode: displays your emails in the traditional inbox format
  • Subject Mode: organizes and showcases your emails by subject line

Spike Email App All Devices Android iOS Mac Windows

Spike isn’t just an email service. It contains a multitude of other features, such as a calendar, chats, video conferencing, notes, documents, and to-do lists. The idea behind this app’s abundance inclusion of productive tools is to help users who wish to work more efficiently. With everything in one place, users can truly focus on getting things done. Instead of jumping from a handful of different applications, those who use Spike can accomplish everything within one simple app. However, the primary goal of this app is to provide its users with a more comfortable and convenient email experience — by combining the functionality of emails with the ease of messaging.

Combining emails and messaging

It’s no question that emails are accepted as the most professional way of communicating with others, however, we can all agree that this traditional format of communication isn’t the most convenient or comfortable to use. Many of us tend to rely on it for strictly professional purposes, and even so, conducting emails can be exhausting due to the uncomfortable formalities tied to appropriate email etiquette. While many email service providers have stuck with the traditional email format, Spike is determined to shake things up by eliminating the stiff nature of conventional emails.

Spike’s innovative idea to transform traditional emails into a simple messaging format allows for more free-flowing conversations to take place. This is mainly due to the fact that this app removes repeating headers, signatures and other traditional email aspects that may disrupt the flow of dialogue. It’s often easy to get lost in a massive email chain, which is why Spike works to condense your inbox conversations into an easy-to-follow ‘chat-like’ display. In this chat format, Spike users are also able to gain an insight of when their emails have been opened or read — even if the other parties don’t use Spike. And if you’re worried about committing to this style of messaging format, Spike will always allow users to resume viewing an email in its traditional email format.

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It’s important to remember that Spike doesn’t just transform your emails into simple messages, there are many other useful features available. As mentioned before it truly is an all-in-one productivity app, as it include notes, team chats, to-do lists, group chats, and a calendar — even video chat!

Spike Email App Service Video Chat

While other companies, such as Google and Microsoft, do an excellent job of providing a wide variety of tools and services, it can get confusing when you have to switch between different tabs or different apps. On the other hand, every productive tool can be found in one app or one tab when you’re using Spike, and you’ll never even have to leave your inbox! Spike also syncs up instantly on all of your devices, so feel free to make changes to a document or note on your laptop, and the Spike app on your phone will be updated live.

Great collaborative tool

The group chat feature found in the Spike email app makes for an excellent collaborative tool. With this, you can plan and execute group projects with others efficiently. Download inbox files, share documents and edit them in real-time, without ever having to leave your email or group chat. Spike even allows you to share links with non-Spike users, so that they can feel free to take advantage of this feature too. If you’re looking for a great way to complete group tasks, the Spike app might just be the ultimate collaborative tool.

Spike Email App Service Notes Group Documents Chat


Spike offers three different account plans — Free, Pro, and Business. With the Free account, users receive 5 GB of storage, 20 notes and tasks, a limit of 15,000 inbox messages, 10 different group chats, and each chat is limited to 20 participants. A Spike Pro account will set you back $4 per month, and users are allowed unlimited notes and tasks, 50 GB of storage, 20 group chats (40 participants each), and unlimited inbox messages. Lastly, a Business account gives users unlimited notes and tasks, inbox messages, group chats, as well as 100 GB of storage. While the prices might not be ideal for everyone, Spike might still be a worthwhile option for students, as Pro accounts are made free for those who are still studying.

At the end of the day, Spike is so much more than an email service; it’s an all-in-one productivity app. Considering that everyone’s inbox is tied to their work or studies, Spike’s innovative concept truly stands as a great option for those who wish to broaden their email experience.

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Photo credit: All images have been provided to us by Spike as part of a press kit.

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