Instagram’s Newest Features That You Shouldn’t Miss


Instagram is one of the most top rated social media application nowadays. As of February 2017, it has reached 600 million users, this according to DreamGrow, a website that gives information about social media and marketing.

Moreover, the main feature that tells it apart from other applications is its photo and video sharing characteristic. It is also equipped with filters and great editing tools like cropping and adjusting the brightness that admittedly seems to bring out the artist from all of us.

Unlike with Facebook and Twitter, the profile of each user showcases the photos he or she has. Some users even have a theme for their Instagram feed. Others have a particular filter that they use on every photo of theirs, to create that nice looking feed. Its networking revolves around who you follow, and who follows you.

With that being said, here are the new features of Instagram that you should know:


This feature came out at around August 2016. At first, Instagram stories appeared to be a replica of Snapchat stories. The difference is that there are no face filters. However, photo filters, pen tools, stickers, are present. Some of my friends even got weirded out with this update, but later on, it became more convenient to use and even has an increased the engagement of the user with their followers than that of Snapchat.

Sadly, Snapchat users declined in number, while Instagram stories gained more popularity each day. Influencers and business managers are finding their way through Instagram stories as well, instead of using Snapchat. According to Galore’s CEO Mike Albanese, this is because it is much easier to reach people with the use of Instagram.

Since the feed of each user mostly composes of selected pictures that are edited well, the stories posted on an Instagram feed brings about some authenticity especially to top rated accounts, it’s like stories become their behind-the-scenes which helped to create a closer connection to their followers.

The stories also let its users share photos or videos from their camera roll within 24 hours. Even the snaps you saved can be posted on Instagram. Likewise, there are different types of stories which you can try namely Boomerang, Live, and Hands-free. Plus, you can tag your friends on the story as well by just typing “@” and choose which friends is with you in the story that you posted. See, there are so many ways on how to narrate your life to everyone in the Instagram world.


Before you either have to take note of the post you just saw, or you screenshot it, but now, Instagram has a “save” feature that pins all the post you keep for future references. This Save feature extends up to making drafts for pictures that you don’t want to share yet.


Recently, Instagram had an upgrade on posting photos and videos. Now you can add, more than one photo in just one single post, perfect for sharing wonderful experiences with everyone right? This is a great opportunity and a benefit for businesses too, especially if you don’t want to bombard your followers with numerous and continuous posts or updates from you in just one day. Just some taps and swipes – you’re done. Information and experience sharing made easy.

Alongside all the features listed, Instagram is indeed a great platform for sharing, experiencing, engaging and building of social networks and connections. Now, with its growing number of users each day, it is no surprise that the makers of Instagram are making various innovations to cater to its users wants and needs. Who knows what Instagram release next in the months to come. We are keen to see more from them soon.

Vimeo: Share Up to 10 Photos and Videos in One Post

Photo credit: Instagram
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