How to Download IGTV, Photos, or Videos from Instagram?


Need to download Instagram posts that you did before? Here’s how!

Instagram was launched in the US in 2010, surprising the world with a whopping 25,000 users in just a single day. The app has definitely skyrocketed into being one of the world’s most famous photo and video sharing apps and then it was acquired by Facebook. It has definitely evolved into something each one would have use for, whether for sharing personal moments, uploading organizational achievements, posting artwork, and even selling items online.

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The Instagram app depends primarily on having access to the Internet, but since connections are sometimes unstable or not available, many experienced the frustration of wanting to access Instagram content for offline, personal use. Photos such as phone wallpapers, workout videos, inspiring video stories that you may want to watch again, or in worst cases, videos that you uploaded, accidentally deleted, but want to save on your phone once again are just a few examples of these. Of course, this is also applicable for any other of your own content, in case you’d like to have a local copy for your account’s content.

Downloading your Instagram posts is easy

Fear not as Downloadgram, a convenient one-click Instagram downloader may help you in such dilemmas. The website has slowly become a crowd favorite as it provides a user-friendly interface without the irritating ads most download websites have. It’s also definitely a bonus that this website is absolutely free to use.

Here are three simple steps on how to use it:

  1. Open the Downloadgram website
    Open this site, because Downloadgram is no longer available.
  2. Copy the Instagram link of the photo, video, or IGTV video that you want to download
  3. Paste in on the link box, click download, then click “Download image/video” when the green Download button appears

Your downloaded image or video will then go to your selected “Downloads” folder. Just remember that you can only download public content as private accounts do not publish copiable links. It doesn’t matter if your account is following them or not.

Instagram download is easy as 1-2-3! Now your selected content, whether your own or other public ones, are ready for your viewing offline. The same site also offers a TikTok downloader, if you want to take a look.

Photo credit: The feature image was done by Igor Popovic.
Source: Dan Blystone (Investopedia)

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Dhanelle Gahol
Dhanelle Gahol
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