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Edge-Messaging Provider Ably Realtime Secures Series A

Ably Realtime’s series A funding round was led by MMC Ventures with their seed funders Forward Partners co-investing. The round closed with $7M funding that can keep their operations going. With that capital, staff from Ably can source even better infrastructure for their platform and set new standards.

What does Ably Realtime do?

Headquartered in London, Ably Realtime has been created because their owner wasn’t happy with solutions for real-time messaging. He couldn’t find a platform that provided good performance without compromising on data integrity or reliability. They were planning and designing Ably for three years, and finally, in 2016, they launched it. The founding team invested around 50 thousand hours into researching and developing of this messaging platform.


Their focus was always on, as they call it, the “four pillars of dependability.” Those are performance, reliability, availability, and integrity of the data that goes through their messages. A lot of companies use their services, from small startups to huge companies. And they are working for a lot of different industries too, from sport ones to ecommerce.

The main focus of Ably was on their clients’ needs and providing a good customer experience to them. A lot of people expect that their experiences on the web are real-time, and that can be difficult to achieve.

A big step forward

This series A came after a significant milestone for Ably Realtime. They streamed around 1.5 trillion messages over their network. They have over 50 million end-users each month that streams around 100 billion messages. Ably so far is so successful in the work they do that they had a growth rate of 150% on year to year basis since 2017.

The funding will be used to invest more in the core of the platform so they can build even more useful features. One more point they had is that they are going to explore and support even more protocols so developers can use even better tools to do their jobs.

YouTube: Why we built Ably – a word from the founders

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