How to Keep Your Instagram Account Safe and Secure


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Integral to managing an Instagram account is ensuring that it is safe and secure. Failure to do so leaves your account open to being hacked, which means access without your permission for someone else’s personal gain. This is unfavorable for anyone, but for those whose accounts generate income, a potential disaster.

Instagram is one of the most well-liked social media platforms. It has over one billion active users and an abundance of growth services such as Growthoid to gain Instagram followers on its photo-sharing service alone. Its growth is exponential for the foreseeable future. The platform has become extremely popular for the various ways to increase followers quite easily and has given many users a chance at making money. Given the size of its community, it is an obvious destination for ill-intentioned people to behave selfishly and cause harm.

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Security maintenance is easy for the account holder. “It won’t happen to me” can happen to you, and the followers which you’ve labored over securing can be taken away in an instant. If you haven’t attended to this at all or only half-heartedly, read through all the options below and make sure your ship is watertight.

Use the Security Checkup feature

Security Checkup, launched in July 2021, professionally supports your efforts to maintain a safe Instagram account. This new facility, created by Instagram, provides clear guidance on navigating the multi-faceted steps on offer, all of which are worthy of your attention. Log-in details, reviewing profile information, and account recovery are some of what you will be required to attend to. This new offering is in addition to other tried and tested recommended ways of keeping your account secure. Given the short amount of time it takes to tick all these boxes, why not go ahead, and ensure the strongest defense for your account. The risk of not doing so and being caught out by hackers could be as serious as your business closing.

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Don’t share your login information with anyone

Just the same as you know not to share your banking app login information details because you understand the potentially serious ramifications of doing so, you should apply caution to who you share your Instagram account login details with. As you cannot be assured of another person’s good intentions, any number of circumstances could lead to the person armed with this info, thanks to you, using this privilege to harm your business and your brand, perhaps irreversibly.

Set up two-factor authentication

This additional layer of defense requires that you identify that you are an eligible authority by providing a security code, which is sent through to the recognized device. Select “Two-Factor Authentication” in your Instagram settings, then “Get Started.” Instagram will require that you select one of two options “Authentication App” or “Text Message.”

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If you log into your Instagram account from an unknown device, you will be asked to enter a security code, which will be sent to you via an authentication app or text message, depending on which you selected in the set-up process.

Report suspicious accounts

A built-in feature ensures an easy way for you to report inappropriate posts, comments, or people who engage outside the documented rules. Your report is anonymous, so don’t hesitate to make known this vital information, which not only serves you but every sincere Instagram user. There are a variety of topics that can cause harm and offense. All should be reported. As you’re reviewing your business content and engagement, keep an eye out for what may be unselfishly motivated.

Instagram and Facebook, their parent, have put a lot of effort and thinking into their social network platform to benefit from its one billion users. They have covered all bases to support a tremendous user experience, which includes you. Everyone should work towards maintaining good health in the interests of all the members of this global community. Let’s face it. Life is sweeter with Instagram in it.

YouTube: Instagram Accounts Getting Hacked? Protect Your Account From Hackers (Anthony Groeper)

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