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Huddly Canvas to Enhance and Digitally Capture Whiteboards

Companies are always looking to improve productivity and collaboration amongst their people, and this is pretty much reflective of what the tech industry has been giving us these past few years. We’ve seen leaps and bounds of innovation that aims to drive creativity forward, from screen-sharing to VR-conducted meetings.

However, people will still find comfort in using something that’s familiar and easily available. One of these things is the humble whiteboard. The Huddly team understands the importance of this, which is why they’ve developed the Huddly Canvas.

Old board, new tricks

You might be wondering why Huddly chose to retain the whiteboard despite the several solutions that have been coming out the last few years. The team saw a study that showed the steady demand of whiteboards with its market value projection at $3 billion by 2023. Simply put, it’s here to stay for longer than we think.

That isn’t a surprise since we’ve used whiteboards for a long while, specially for exchanging ideas around a room. However, the way we collaborate is now different with the rise of solutions such as digital boards. These solutions are important specially when working with counterparts across the globe. The team at Huddly wanted to work around that with the Huddly Canvas.

The Canvas was recently shown at the InfoComm 2019 last June. There were two demos that showcased the capabilities of the Canvas. The first was a game wherein it could recognize drawings on the whiteboard. The second was a practical demonstration of it being able to capture writings on the whiteboard and share them on screen during video call conference.

The Canvas basically captures the whiteboard with its AI camera and integrates it into calls or digital meetings. It is also able to enhance what is being written or drawn on the whiteboard as it is shared digitally.

The Huddly Canvas gives a modern take on the simple familiarity of a whiteboard. For now, it doesn’t seem like it’s on the market but you can subscribe to the Huddly Blog for the latest on the Canvas along with their other products.

YouTube: Say hello to Huddly Canvas, our AI technology for content capture and enhancement

Photo credit: The feature image has been done by Jason Coudriet.
Sources: Dan Hesketh (Huddly Blog) / Energias Market Research

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