How to Trick out Your Server Racks and Data Centre


Setting up the Servers in Your Data Centre

When it comes to racking servers, it’s important that they are neat, noticeable and accessible. When this is accomplished, you’ll be able to get the most out of your server racks for either your own computing needs or those of others that you serve as a host.

Part of mastering this type of efficiency means implementing proper cable management techniques, and making sure your servers are well lighted. LED lights for server racks are excellent for this purpose. They provide plenty of light without generating excess heat and will last for decades. Not to mention, they look awesome!

Colocation Data Centre as an Alternative to Cloud Storage

Many businesses are turning to colocation, or renting physical server space, rather than simply storing data out in the cloud. Having an actual location where they can go to see their servers working or visit specific people to ask questions when they don’t, gives many businesses better peace of mind than simply having their data somewhere out there.

Because of this reality, the timing is perfect to build a data center. Colocation equipment will house multiple servers, which will allow  for data centers to set up several servers, and host customers separately rather than asking people to share access to a single server.

 Cable Management Bar shown with Universal Rails & a Network SwitchKeeping Cables Corralled

Depending on how big you want to make your data center, you may have several data centers in the room connected to your power source, which means there will be a lot of cables to deal with.

Implementing a cable management system is a must. There are several options, including vertical cable management, horizontal cable management, patch cable organizers, spools, ladder racks and IEC short power cords.  With these tools, you can corral your server cables and keep them organized so both you and your customers can work with an efficient server.

Lighting Your Way

As your data center grows, using LED lights for server racks serves multiple purposes. First, the lights light up the individual servers and indicate that the servers are working as they should. With the servers lit, there is less of a necessity to provide a lot of life within the data center itself.

The other purpose is identification of different servers. Since LED lights come in various colors, different colored LED lights can be used for different customers, which makes it easier for them to check on their server.  Having a data center with the cables secure and managed, an the individual server racks lit up in a unique way leaves a professional impression as you look for more businesses to host in your colocation data center.

Keeping Strong Software, Hardware, and Recovery Strategies

Having a neat looking, organized data center is important not just for making a good impression, but also to limit breakdowns with the servers. Make sure that the colocation units you are using to store servers have the power and bandwidth that your customers need to run their  programs.

Use strong software programs to support the hardware in your data center. Keep an eye on how the servers in your data centers are running, and troubleshoot when the potential of small problems arise rather than  relying on damage control when servers crash and leave businesses at a stand still. By staying proactive, your customers will experience less downtime and greater overall satisfaction.

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