How to Rank Your Products on Amazon


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The key to winning on Amazon has everything to do with a good product ranking. A good ranking on Amazon means you have better visibility which means customers will be able to find your products easily and this will lead to an increase in sales.

So what do sellers need to do to get their products to rank on Amazon? A clear understanding of Amazon SEO or the Amazon A9 algorithm is of vital importance to this matter.

What is Amazon A9?

The A9 algorithm is Amazon’s search engine that decides what products to rank on Amazon. This means it decides what products to show a customer according to what he types into the search bar.

The products are displayed according to their relevance to the customer’s search query. A9 considers various factors while ranking a product like the product listing copy (title, bullet points, description, images, A+ content, etc), conversion rate, ratings, reviews, etc.

How to rank your products on Amazon?

So let’s take a look at the things that you as a seller can do, to improve your product’s organic ranking on Amazon.

Keyword research

When we talk about relevancy and how it plays an important role in how Amazon ranks your products, this has a lot to do with keywords. The keywords you use in your listings should be highly relevant to your product and should be terms that customers would use to find your product.

Amazon Keyword research with the help of the right Amazon keyword tools will help you find ones that have a good search volume and conversion rate. Using these keywords in your listings means when someone searches for that particular keyword, your product will have the potential to rank.

Also, look for alternatives to your primary keywords to be used as backend keywords. Spelling variations, common spelling mistakes, etc, should be included in your backend search terms so that even if someone misspells your product keyword, your item will still appear.

Listing optimization

A seller has to consistently optimize his listings as this process is key to improving your ranking and earning maximum conversions. While optimizing your listings, put your keyword research to good use.

Make sure to include all the highly relevant keywords in different parts of your listings with the most relevant ones in your title. Your title must be easily readable and under 200 characters. The bullet points should explain the most important features of your product and should be arranged according to the order of importance.

Avoid keyword dumping and use your backend search term space to include everything you couldn’t in the rest of the listing. Use HD product images and lifestyle images as they have a direct impact on your conversion rate and therefore your ranking.

Acquire and manage customer reviews

A good number of reviews and ratings automatically improves your organic ranking because this means customers genuinely like your product. Given how focused Amazon is on consumer satisfaction, the algorithm favors and ranks products that have positive reviews.

You have to make sure you get good reviews from customers. How can this be done? Some things impress customers and convince them to leave good reviews. These are – providing fast shipping, requesting for a review, responding to and resolving issues mentioned in negative reviews, having a hassle-free return policy.

If you can provide all of these things to customers, you will have a very good satisfaction rate which will lead to good reviews and a good ranking in return.

Amazon PPC

PPC is a very important part of ranking on Amazon and it contributes to your organic ranking as well. When you start selling on Amazon, it’s difficult to rank in the initial stages for competitor keywords.

Amazon PPC works wonders in helping you rank organically. How? You should target keywords that you are using in your campaigns and this, in turn, will help you generate organic traffic. Also, advertised products generate a good amount of sales and a high sales velocity improves a product’s organic ranking.

When you launch a product on Amazon, it is difficult for it to rank because there is no sales history. That is why you need PPC because it puts your product in front of potential customers which leads to sales. Thus, an improvement in sales will lead to an improved organic rank.

You can do everything in your power to rank higher on Amazon but sometimes you just may not see good results. This is often due to a lack of the right tools and analysis.

Using a tool like SellerApp can help you with all the different parts of ranking on Amazon. From keyword research to listing optimization to PPC, you can leverage their dashboard to optimize your product listings to rank higher and give you maximum conversions.


It’s important to remember that optimization for high ranking is a continuous process. You have to keep at it or else you could lose your ranking. In addition to the above-mentioned factors, using Amazon FBA and A+ content also plays a major role. Use the right tools and deploy the right strategies and your products are guaranteed to rank well on Amazon.

Author’s Bio

Arishekar NArishekar N, Sr. Director of Marketing & Growth at SellerApp, is a specialist in digital marketing, in addition to website keyword optimization for search engines. His areas of expertise include enhancing the organic & paid ranking of web pages on search engines with innovative SEO & SEM strategies and online promotions.

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