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Amazon Launches ‘Echo’ Interactive Speaker

Since we live in a world where connectivity is the key to everything, manufacturers as well as retailers are always trying to provide us with new, exciting tools that will help us with our day to day needs. This is the exact case of Echo, a voice controlled, interactive speaker created by Amazon. The main purpose of this neat looking device is to provide users with the ability to stream music online but also order items from Amazon without a problem. With Echo, Amazon tries to provide a much more personal purchasing experience, as it connects the user with their site a lot easier.

amazon-echo-speakerFrom a design standpoint, we can say that Echo looks pretty much like a Mac Pro from Apple, although it’s a lot smaller and slimmer. It seems that Amazon did learn how to create a neat and appealing design, and the devices they released recently are certainly a testament of that.

When it comes to the functionality, it’s important to state that Echo makes it easy for you to check the weather, music, news and other info you might need instantly. Of course, the major feature still remains the voice recognition, as you just need to state what you want it to do, and the device will obey immediately.

Our favorite feature is definitely the cloud connectivity, which means that no matter how and when we use it, the device will always improve its recognition patterns and gain access to new data. It’s a smart device that will try to provide you with better, more interesting experiences as time passes instead of just getting old and unusable.

Echo has an army of microphones that bring professional sensors that will be able to hear you from just about any distance, as long as you are in the same room with the device. It’s important to mention that Echo comes with noise cancellation, which makes it great, but the fact that it adapts to the speech patterns that you have, your vocabulary and the personal preferences just makes it a very useful, customizable companion that you can have around.

As expected, Echo comes with an Android and Fire OS application that provides you with the necessary means to create/stop alarms, listen to music or you can even access shopping lists without any restriction.

With the help of Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connectivity, the device will always be connected to the cloud and your music/information. However, the downside, at least for the time being is that you can only purchase the Echo device only if you receive an invitation. Sure, you can request an invitation but it might take a while until you are accepted. Even so, the Echo is an amazing technological achievement and purchasing it is definitely worth it. The device will cost $199, although the Prime members can get it for only $99.

There are similar devices that might be thought of as competition for Echo, but its small price and wide range of features, not to mention the neat design, recommend it as being a great companion, and it’s well worth a try at least.

YouTube: Introducing Amazon Echo


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